Fractured shard drop rate

You pretty much want pack size since quantity does nothing for harbinger mobs otherwise get as much harbinger per map was you can (scarab, map device mod). Just dont give up after 10 maps farming, i think i went 40-50 maps without an fracturing shard drop. Sadly they all need time to spawn which sucks for clear speed.
so i'm lvl 99 now and still have less than 10 we need a lvl 100 grind to get shards? this needs to be changed or nobody is going to waste so many atlas points on harby
Got this ratio in Ruthless and thought it wouldnt be too hard to get 1+ Fracturing Orbs. If its the same as in normal I can forget about that then I guess... Only done a few Harbingers yet.
No wonder it's lost, it's in the middle of the jungle!
Lyutsifer665 wrote:
is it extremely low or im just unlucky? I had harby on 99% of my maps from day 1
i use scarabs/sextants whenever i can. have all the harby nodes on the atlas tree.....still only 7 shards.
this is why i never get excited when they add cool new things to the game. the average player will never see it enough to benefit.

All the secret nerfs realllllly hurt my enjoyment. Wow I can get a 45% chance for ritual? I love ritual! Specced since day one, and without exaggeration the best item was a 6 linked leveling unique bow, pretty sure it was Roths.

It's insane to me that you now *have* to spec into a mechanic to even be allowed to maybe try it once in awhile. Case in point; 3 days on my character, almost all mapping, not a SINGLE breachstone or a SINGLE legion emblem. And if that was the only problem, sure it's not the end of the world. But now even after speccing into something fully like Ritual, the rewards are nowhere to be found.

It's so exhausting to not be able to trust very much with GGG anymore. Feeling pretty good about skipping the league packs, mystery boxes AND the new core packs.
I did a couple of the "all dropped items turn into shards" harbinger memories while I was doing the atlas memory challenge. I got 3 total fracturing shards from the 2 full memories and at least 5 ancient orbs. Probably closer to 10.

All of the mechanics that spawn in the maps have their stuff turned into shards. Notably, Harvest beasts gave a crap ton of shards and so did a smuggler's cache.

Not worth it compared to mapping but maybe there's a scenario where you get a god touched explosion of fracturing shards.
well i finally did it..managed to get enough to make an orb.

My friend has 150 hours played this league and has been fully specced into harbingers 100% of the time. So far he has had 1.5 full orbs or 30 shards.

Not worth the atlas points IMO, much easier to make 6.5div of currency 10x faster off of something like alva sextant corruption chamber farming. (Which is still mostly passive in your maps + adds lots of juicy packs.)

Not to mention selling the shards as opposed to the whole orb nets you much less currency so if you don't commit to getting 20 shards (or buying the difference for resale) you lose out as well.
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I had 42 infused harb mod left on standard. Did spec all harb nodes on atlas and used pretty much polished scarabs with harb 16 use sextants and got total 1 orb and 2 shard out of it. Did respec after this and haven't run harbingers after that.
Specced into harbinger after getting elevated sextant mod for harbinger and used gilded scarabs plus mapmod for those 15 runs and made 19 shards.

then i ran 50 maps without the sextant for the last shard xD
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2 orbs dropped full and another 12 in shards while I was with MF gear. Probably mf affects fracture orbs/shards since all ppl here share really poor results.

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