How is ruthless ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

I'm not that far yet, mid act4 and kinda cheating by playing SRS necro, but I'll participate :)

My feedback on Ruthless mode itself :

I've always actually enjoyed the campain, unlike people bored to do it again and again before the game starting only at the maps.. And now with this kind of "randomizer" it gets even more interesting.

My only 2 cons so far :
- Big one : I totally understand the point of removing movement skills to lower the dodging options... But paired with the lack of movespeed from flask's halved duration, it makes some parts terribly long when you have to walk across big empty areas and can't dash through cliffs ! And leaving the game just to come back in town faster isn't.. really roleplay, right ?
I'd suggest to at least restore quicksilver flasks duration, since we already have it, it doesn't helps that much in fights.. But some interesting addition would be.. like.. some kind of white gem like Portal, giving some dash to go through cliffs or run long empty areas where we killed everything, but that'd be usable only if there aren't any enemies in a certain radius.

- Less important, at least for me, but I find sad that Siosa giving access to most builds comes that late, big turn off for many players. Maybe giving access to few more skills options earlier would be better.

My build :
Going Necro SRS, lvl41 before Belly of the beast (lol) though I'm more of a general minion army build so far, with skellys, zombz, carrion golem and spectres.

First support at start of Act 3 : Blind support...
Second shortly after and useful for SRS : Elemental dmg with attacks !
No uniques.

My stuff and few valuable currency so far ^^

Harvest in a nutshell :
Ultimatum :
Expedition :
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Don't have much time this month so I will progress slowly. Currently in Act2 on a 3 link, so I cannot complain.
so got to level 34 today things i found so far today are:
cruelty and skitterbots and riposte
as for items
"Now all that's left is for you getting on your knees."
if you know thanks me:) i'm dying to find out x'D
Im up to level 50 (just about to take down Act 5 Kitava)

Nothing super exciting yet.
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im enjoying the game mode, im still in act3 so tbh it doesnt feel that much different to normal poe yet i guess?

got to be honest, i just find poe so boring now, ive played over 15k hours, this campaign is done, i have no enthusiasm for it at all. the ruthless thing is great, its fun being excited about everything thats better than a white item, and poe is a great game ive just played it too much.

but ssf ruthless feels like the game mode i wanna be playing, at least 50% of the time. it makes the game matter, i see myself playing standard trade with my old builds and stupid high end items sometimes and then ssf ruthless for all my new league type play as the game mode where i actually want meaningful gameplay rather than standards op doll dressing simulator, which is sometimes fun when theres a new way to max out your previously maxed out gears on your favourite builds youve had going for years.

i just dunno if ive got the motivation to play 30, 60, 100+ hours of poe over the next 4 months to really sink my teeth into the mode. im kind of at a point now where i need poe2, its not the games fault, i see a lot of people who bitch if the league doesnt hold them etc... ok, but look if u need a league mechanic to make u care at all about playing sounds like youre just burned out completely on the core game. were nearly at the 10 year point now, 10 years of hillock, brutus, oversoul, freeze pulse. when the core game has 0 excitement for you its a losing battle, you just need to go get into a different hobby for a while, and i feel like ive been in that zone for the majority of the last few years.

roll on poe2, and lets hope i can play it ssf ruthless cause this is way better thn normal poe mode now days.

and lets be real, im still pretty much instantly killing packs of mobs while levelling, faster than 2013 while using under levelled skill gems with no supports and no auras while sticking more passives into defense to survive than a 'normal' build. up to act 3 at least ruthless still feels easier than normal poe did in 2013.
Selected Scion. Playing Special Throw - the starting gem.
Kills better than a bow with Split Arrow because piercing and can hit 2x.

Just killed Brutus at L11.
Fight took some min after I had spent all my mana + flasks.
But except that it did not feel more dangerous than normal - just a lot slower (longer).

Have selected 3x18% resi passives so that's ok.

Damage is low because I have found 4! gems including the start gem and 1 quest gem.
Have some 3L items ... but no gems to put inside.

2 deaths only, in sanctum: resolve zero in 1st room - after 5-10 min
0 Transmutaions
1 alteration at L10
first magic at L10, and some more after that
5 life+mana flasks
0 jewelry (as expected)


Gems and currency are terrible low.
Just collecting everything in my 45 tabs to get currency by vendor recipes in the future.
So actual low options to decide/select or use something. Thats a little boring.
Bad: League mechanic seems to be impossible at the moment.

Think I should start other classes to get more and different gems and more flasks ...
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Spent my 1 and only Alch on the chest.
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i was quite pleased with this one. im in act 4 now.
Got this baby in act 1 (Merveil) yesterday:

Act 2 is a walk in the park so far with it.

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