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How does the Manifest Dancing Dervishes skill interact with the Triggerbots?
The spell will trigger from one of the Triggerbots, Manifesting two Dervishes and disabling your weapons. The spell cannot then trigger a second time because you no longer have that spell, so it fails to trigger from the second triggerbot's location.

Because the spell only creates two minions and does not deal any damage, the damage penalty on the passive skill that grants the triggerbots has no interaction with this skill.
Does completing one Crucible encounter show the entire weapon's tree? Or do we need to do multiple encounters to scout out the item's tree?
You have to get enough experience to unlock the first node in order to view its entire tree. This could come from one encounter if you're able to handle a difficult one.

Does the rarity, quality and/or mods on a weapon influence its Crucible Tree?
No, but the item level of the weapon matters.

Does using currency on a weapon with a tree modify its tree in any way? i.e. will the tree change if I exalt slam my weapon, or if I Vaal Orb my weapon and it becomes corrupted with an undesirable outcome?
Using regular currency on your items does not affect their tree in any way.

Can corrupted/mirrored/influenced/fractured/synthesized/enchanted/items with abyssal sockets have or gain a Crucible Tree? If they can, would the special mods they have from those mechanics affect the Crucible Tree in any way? i.e. would an Influenced item have access to passives only available to influenced item?

They can have/gain a Crucible Tree, but they do not have special passives exclusive to them.

Note that corrupted and mirrored items cannot have Crucible Trees added to them if they don't already have one.

However, Corrupted Unique Items can have trees added to them but will require you to go through an endgame Crucible encounter to do so.

Are there any passives only obtainable by merging Crucible Trees?

Are there limitations to merging Crucible Trees i.e. can I merge a Warstave with a Staff?
You can merge Warstaves with Staves, or say Sceptres with One-Hand Maces. But not say Staves with Two-hand Maces, or Sceptres with Wands.

If I craft ''Cannot Roll Attack Mods'' on my weapon, will that influence its Crucible tree when I complete its first Crucible encounter?

When an Awakener's Orb is applied and the recipient item has a Crucible tree, does the output item keep that tree? Or does it do something else? What about when an Awakener's Orb is applied and the recipient item has no Crucible tree, does the output item also have no tree, or does it take on the tree of the donor item?
The recipient item's tree is kept and the destroyed item's tree is lost forever.

What happens if I recombinate a weapon with a tree with a weapon without a tree in Standard? Is there a possibility the outcome preserves the tree?
Trees are removed when recombinating. There is a warning prompt if you try to recombinate an item with a crucible tree

Will Imprinting a weapon before I complete its first Crucible encounter effectively give me another chance to get another tree if I don't like the first tree?
Yes, although it is best to imprint before you've added any crucible tree experience to the item

Can I use a split beast or fractured fossil on a weapon to create two copies of the weapon with the same tree?
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Added the following note to the Patch Notes, under Miscellaneous Player Balance:
Previously, modifiers providing a "chance to avoid Interruption from Stuns" worked in an unintuitive and inconsistent way. These cancel out a stun entirely, preventing effects that happen when Stunned. However, due to an oversight, they did not do this if you blocked a hit that would stun you. This led to things like Cast when Stunned behaving inconsistently depending on whether you block a hit or not.

These modifiers will now also prevent stun-specific effects from blocked hits as well, and will be described as "chance to Ignore Stuns" to more clearly communicate their actual behaviour.
When exactly does attack speed change for attack skills using Momentum Support?
For most non-channelling attacks, attack speed is calculated only once when you start the attack. Since using the attack always grants 1 Momentum, the attack accounts for the momentum it's generating, and will benefit from that Momentum, so the first attack will have the attack speed for 1 Momentum (the one it generates), rather than 0. The attack which brings you to maximum Momentum will benefit from that maximum amount of Momentum, despite it being lost immediately to grant Swiftness. Because it's accounting for the momentum it's going to generate, you'll see this reflected in the attack time of the skill when the gem is socketed, before using it.

Channelling attacks do dynamically update attack speed during their use, so initially work out to basically the same result in that when you use them you'll immediately gain 1 Momentum and the attack will update it's speed to account for that Momentum, so you'll start out with attack speed equivalent to 1 Momentum rather than 0, just like the non-channelling case. But the attack speed will continue to update while you channel as Momentum is gained and lost, so as you gain additional Momentum based on how long you channel for the skill will speed up, but when you reach maximum and lose it all, the skill will slow down, so you don't get to benefit from the maximum amount for any length of time, since you never get to keep maximum Momentum.

Manaforged Arrows says that supported skills trigger when 300% of ''their'' mana cost has been spent on other bow attacks. What is ''their'' referring to?
The supported skills. For example, if your skill supported by Manaforged Arrows costs 10 mana, that skill will trigger when you've spent a total of 30 mana on other bow attacks.

How do Vaal Domination and Absolution interact with support gems?
Ascended Sentinels are still minions created by the base skill, not the Vaal skill. This means that they are still affected by support gems from the base skill.

Can I use a separate copy of Vaal Domination/Absolution to get extra support gem effects on my Ascended Sentinels or benefit from items like Triumvirate Authority?
No. These skills cannot Ascend Sentinels created by different copies of the gem. Extra support gems would also not work regardless, as mentioned above.

If I Ascend a magic or rare Sentinel of Dominance, is it still magic or rare? Does it keep its monster modifiers?
They keep monster modifiers and technically are the same rarity, but no longer count toward the limit of Sentinels of that rarity, only the limit of Ascended Sentinels. Vaal Domination will also automatically pick the highest rarity Sentinel you have to Ascend.

Are the Skill Gem related Crucible Passives available only on Unique weapons or any weapon?
Any weapon.
Was the ability to have a second Blight encounter in a map removed from the game?
Yes, the change was made in Patch 3.20.1.
What does "fixed seed" mean for a race?
It means that each area's layout will be the same for each racer.

Who can participate in the Exilecon 2023 Race Qualifier Events?
Anyone playing on PC can participate. Please refer to the announcement post here for the rules to qualify.

Are the ExileCon 2023 Race Qualifier Events available on console?
No. The qualifier events are PC only.

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