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When using the new Triggerbots from the Saboteur ascendancy, what specific aspects of triggered skills are moved to the triggerbot's locations?
This is doing the same thing as Arcanist Brand, which is overriding the location the triggered spell thinks it was cast from.

Anything that happens at the location the skill was cast from, will happen at the location of the bots instead.

It does not change where the skill is targeted at, only where it originates from.

It does not change anything which adds an ongoing effect to the caster, such Blade Vortex or the Aegis skills, because that's not using the location they were cast from, that's using the object which has the triggered skill.
Do Triggerbots relocate the ability or do the Triggerbots count as the ones dealing damage? For example, if I use Triggerbots to Trigger a Cast on Crit setup with a spell, will my spell leech apply to me?
Triggerbots don't count as dealing damage. The origin point of the Trigger changes to the Triggerbots. So in this case, Spell Leech still applies to the player.
Do uniques that are commonly used for a purpose that doesn't match their base type (eg a caster themed unique such as The Whispering Ice, which has a Warstaff base) have special weightings for Crucible passive trees?
We have tagged uniques as being caster themed or minion themed. So things like Cospri's Malice or Whispering Ice can roll caster skills or things like Chober Chaber or United in Dream can roll minion skills
Will you consider adding a Crucible specific equipment slot (like for Sanctum relics) so that players don't have to potentially sacrifice levelling gems in their weapon swap?
To address this feedback, we're planning to make it so that the leftmost identified weapon in your inventory will also be selectable in Crucible encounters.
How does Necromantic Aegis/Animate Weapon/Animate Guardian work with Crucible Passive Trees?
Most Crucible Passives should work with these, however, Crucible Passives that allocate notables will not work because minions don't have regular passive trees.
What is considered a chest for the new Caster Mastery that grants a chance to open a chest?
Interactable objects in the game would which can be opened by clicking on them, damaging them, or either, which drop items. This includes crates, jars, etc.

Chests locked by specific game mechanics can't be opened until unlocked.
Will Nimis projectiles return even if they hit nothing?
In most cases, yes. A projectile which flies out uninterrupted to the maximum projectile range will return instead of just stopping there. But returning, like piercing/chaining/etc, does not extend how long a projectile can exist. If a projectile lasts for an explicit duration like Spark, or fades out over a fixed time like Freezing Pulse, it stops existing after that and can't then return.
Does the new Elemental Mastery that has a 25% chance to invert enemy resistances work with traps?
The Gain Adrenaline for 1 second when you switch stance Mastery seems too strong. Will you change it?
Yes. The stats for that Mastery are now:
  • Remove Damaging Ailments when you Change Stance
  • Stance Skills have +6 seconds to Cooldown
What happens with the Dancing Dervish's Crucible Tree Passives? i.e. do they apply to the minions or do we just count as unarmed and get nothing when it's summoned?
When your Dancing Dervish is manifested, the stats on the Weapon Passive Tree are granted to the minion instead of you.

Are people who use two-handed weapons at a disadvantage when it comes to Crucible Passives when compared to those using two one-handed weapons or a one-handed weapon and a shield etc?
No, because two-handed weapon trees have stronger passives than one-handed and shield weapon trees. In fact, two-handed builds have an advantage in that they only need to craft a single Crucible Passive Tree for their character.

Any news on Oni-Goroshi being a low level item + a semi 1/2 Hander? I'm unsure whether to farm it in case the tree is very low level or doesn't give 2 hander tree.
Oni-Goroshi is a one-handed sword so it will generate with a one-handed sword Crucible Weapon Tree. Oni-Goroshi's from Hillock will be item level 1, however Oni-Goroshi obtained from the "Rebirth" Divination Card set will have higher item levels and thus better options in their Crucible Weapon Trees.

When using the new Blood Price Helmet, does the 8% Life Reservation on Enemies stack if everyone in the party wears it?
No, this does not stack. The 8% reservation only occurs once.

Is the Lord of Steel Jewel available in Crucible?

If two players each take the ''Enemies permanently take 5% increased Damage for each second they've ever been Frozen by you, up to a maximum of 50%'' Cold Mastery, would the freeze increasing damage taken stack up to 100% (50% from each player) if they can manage to freeze the boss that long?
No, the maximum increased damage taken any given target can have from this effect is 50%. But if a monster is frozen by two players, that maximum will be reached sooner.

Will the new Snipe Gem be available as a quest reward in Ruthless?
Yes, it will be available as a quest reward as well as from Siosa's gem shop.

Will Hex Bloom still work for the curses linked to Bane?

Will the Saboteur's Triggerbots make you pay the mana cost for triggered skills twice?

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