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On the High Impact Mine Support Gem, what radius does nearby have and will it scale with modifiers?
The innate auras of mines have a base radius of 35 and are scaled by modifiers to area, including those specific to auras.
Added the following note to the User Interface Changes section of the patch notes:
Stats that grant immunity to an ailment or prevent you from being inflicted with an ailment are no longer displayed as 100% chance to avoid that ailment in the character sheet. They instead display that you are immune to or cannot be affected by the relevant ailment respectively.
Why do Combustion and Bonechill Support not work properly when a stronger Ignite/Chill are applied?

We've investigated this internally and have found that this behaviour was due to an optimisation that was introduced in 3.15. It can affect anything that adds an effect to things while your ailment is on them (e.g. Combustion, Bonechill, Taryn's Shiver, etc.). We've found that it only affects elemental ailments and that the order ailments are inflicted is not important but the remaining duration can be.

The optimisation we made is that elemental ailments are discarded if they can never become the active one affecting the enemy. An ailment is only discarded this way if there is at least one stronger ailment suppressing it which also has equal or longer duration (so the weaker one can never be "promoted" to active by outlasting the stronger one). Ailments usually having matching durations is why players are reaching conclusions about order mattering - the most recent ailment will usually have the most remaining duration, and thus not be discarded.

We plan to fix this behaviour so ailments with these kinds of extra effects tied to them are not discarded this way. The fix for this won't make it in time for release but we'll aim to get it out in a patch following it.
When can we see the 20/20 gems post and new Atlas tree?
The 20/20 gems post can be found here. Due to time constraints and some technical limitations, we won't be able to share a preview of the Atlas tree before launch.
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Why is Smite's text different, and what has changed about the skill hitting enemies?

There is no functional change to Smite's behaviour. The text on Smite primarily changed because the old wording only discussed hitting a target with both the lightning and melee, but did not explain that additional lightning bolts (already possible with an enchantment, and more common now from Vaal Smite's Aura bonus) also couldn't damage the same target twice (Note: Vaal Smite itself does not have this restriction). The new wording is also shorter, which is important because the Vaal Smite gem popup is quite big.

Smite currently has a case where an enemy can be hit by both the melee damage from an additional strike target (such as from Ancestral Call), and the damage of the lightning bolt which is associated with your primary strike. This goes against what the new wording of Smite says, but it also goes against the old wording, so the wording is the same amount of inaccurate. This behaviour is unintended and caused by a subtle timing issue relating to Smite's animations, but is not changed in 3.20.0 and we do not currently have specific plans to change it.
The ordering of Eve of Invasion is annoying me because the chances are not in descending order. Can you fix it?

The ordering of mods for Eve of Invasion will be fixed for launch.
When is the server going down and when can we download the update?

The server goes down for deployment three hours before the countdown ends. The update can be downloaded once the realm is back up, or you can pre-download via the torrent, which we will make available Friday NZT. Please note that the torrent is not compatible with Steam.
Updated the following note:
  • Maven-witnessed Map Bosses now have a chance to drop an Awakened Gem (inclusive of the Awakened Gems that are typically exclusive to Maven herself).

  • Maven-witnessed Map Bosses in Tier 14 Maps or higher now have a chance to drop an Awakened Gem (inclusive of the Awakened Gems that are typically exclusive to Maven herself).

Added the following note:
  • Fixed a bug where breaking out a chest in a Legion encounter would not break out enemies around it.
Added the following note:

  • Fixed a bug in the ''You are a Harbinger'' Atlas Memory which could cause anomalous amounts of currency items to drop in rare cases (usually with Smuggler’s Caches in that Atlas Memory).
Update to Vaal Molten Strike:

Vaal Molten Strike now has +4 to Radius at all gem levels, reduced from +8 as shown in the 20/20 gems post.

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