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Path of Exile: Crucible releases on April 7th (PDT) on PC and April 12th (PDT) on Console. In this thread, we'll round up any questions we answered elsewhere in the community so that you can find all that information in one easy place. The most recent information will always be at the top. We intend to update this post every weekday with any questions that have been answered that day. We will also fold our FAQ news posts into this post as they happen. When we add a new question and answer, we'll reply to the thread so that it gets picked up by various community trackers.

Head over to to check out the trailer, content reveal and everything this expansion includes. You can also find the patch notes for Crucible here.

What does 'fixed seed' mean for a race?

Who can participate in the Exilecon 2023 Race Qualifier Events?

Are the ExileCon 2023 Race Qualifier Events available on console?

Was the ability to have a second Blight encounter in a map removed from the game?

Are the Skill Gem related Crucible Passives available only on Unique weapons or any weapon?

We've made a change to some Items' Item Class that will affect item filters. Please see the list below:

When exactly does attack speed change for attack skills using Momentum Support?

Manaforged Arrows says that supported skills trigger when 300% of ''their'' mana cost has been spent on other bow attacks. What is ''their'' referring to?

How do Vaal Domination and Absolution interact with support gems?

Can I use a separate copy of Vaal Domination/Absolution to get extra support gem effects on my Ascended Sentinels or benefit from items like Triumvirate Authority?

If I Ascend a magic or rare Sentinel of Dominance, is it still magic or rare? Does it keep its monster modifiers?

Added the following note to the Patch Notes, under Miscellaneous Player Balance:

Does completing one Crucible encounter show the entire weapon's tree? Or do we need to do multiple encounters to scout out the item's tree?

Does the rarity, quality and/or mods on a weapon influence its Crucible Tree?

Does using currency on a weapon with a tree modify its tree in any way? i.e. will the tree change if I exalt slam my weapon, or if I Vaal Orb my weapon and it becomes corrupted with an undesirable outcome?

Can corrupted/mirrored/influenced/fractured/synthesized/enchanted/items with abyssal sockets have or gain a Crucible Tree? If they can, would the special mods they have from those mechanics affect the Crucible Tree in any way? i.e. would an Influenced item have access to passives only available to influenced item?

Are there any passives only obtainable by merging Crucible Trees?

Are there limitations to merging Crucible Trees i.e. can I merge a Warstave with a Staff?

If I craft ''Cannot Roll Attack Mods'' on my weapon, will that influence its Crucible tree when I complete its first Crucible encounter?

When an Awakener's Orb is applied and the recipient item has a Crucible tree, does the output item keep that tree? Or does it do something else? What about when an Awakener's Orb is applied and the recipient item has no Crucible tree, does the output item also have no tree, or does it take on the tree of the donor item?

What happens if I recombinate a weapon with a tree with a weapon without a tree in Standard? Is there a possibility the outcome preserves the tree?

Will Imprinting a weapon before I complete its first Crucible encounter effectively give me another chance to get another tree if I don't like the first tree?

Can I use a split beast or fractured fossil on a weapon to create two copies of the weapon with the same tree?

How does the Manifest Dancing Dervishes skill interact with the Triggerbots?

What happens with the Dancing Dervish's Crucible Tree Passives? i.e. do they apply to the minions or do we just count as unarmed and get nothing when it's summoned?

Are people who use two-handed weapons at a disadvantage when it comes to Crucible Passives when compared to those using two one-handed weapons or a one-handed weapon and a shield etc?

Any news on Oni-Goroshi being a low level item + a semi 1/2 Hander? I'm unsure whether to farm it in case the tree is very low level or doesn't give 2 hander tree.

When using the new Blood Price Helmet, does the 8% Life Reservation on Enemies stack if everyone in the party wears it?

Is the Lord of Steel Jewel available in Crucible?

If two players each take the ''Enemies permanently take 5% increased Damage for each second they've ever been Frozen by you, up to a maximum of 50%'' Cold Mastery, would the freeze increasing damage taken stack up to 100% (50% from each player) if they can manage to freeze the boss that long?

Will the new Snipe Gem be available as a quest reward in Ruthless?

Will Hex Bloom still work for the curses linked to Bane?

Will the Saboteur's Triggerbots make you pay the mana cost for triggered skills twice?

The Gain Adrenaline for 1 second when you switch stance Mastery seems too strong. Will you change it?

Does the new Elemental Mastery that has a 25% chance to invert enemy resistances work with traps?

Will Nimis projectiles return even if they hit nothing?

What is considered a chest for the new Caster Mastery that grants a chance to open a chest?

How does Necromantic Aegis/Animate Weapon/Animate Guardian work with Crucible Passive Trees?

Will you consider adding a Crucible specific equipment slot (like for Sanctum relics) so that players don't have to potentially sacrifice levelling gems in their weapon swap?

Do uniques that are commonly used for a purpose that doesn't match their base type (eg a caster themed unique such as The Whispering Ice, which has a Warstaff base) have special weightings for Crucible passive trees?

Do Triggerbots relocate the ability or do the Triggerbots count as the ones dealing damage? For example, if I use Triggerbots to Trigger a Cast on Crit setup with a spell, will my spell leech apply to me?

When using the new Triggerbots from the Saboteur ascendancy, what specific aspects of triggered skills are moved to the triggerbot's locations?

Will Crucible become a core game mechanic?

Can we get a list of the Crucible passives, and which weapon types they can appear on?

How many portals does the Forge of the Titans area have?

Are the Crucible trees randomly generated each time and are the skills specific to the weapon or shield type?

Are there any restrictions to how many times you can merge trees on a weapon or shield?

Did you forget to post Minion Mastery changes?

Will unequipping Blood Price, the new helmet that reserves nearby enemy monsters' life, heal enemies? (i.e. could you use it as a helmet swap for a free 8% extra damage against bosses)

Will Master Distiller work with Mageblood?

Can you clarify how the new “10% of leech is instant” Mastery option works? Does it recover 10% of your maximum total life per second from leech?

Regarding, “Skills cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost.” Does this mean that a skill that costs 10 mana will only cost 3 life with this node, or does it just transfer 30% of cost to life, as in 3 life + 7 mana?

With the introduction of the new Life Mastery “15% increased maximum Life if there are no Life Modifiers on Equipped Body Armour”, will unique modifiers on items currently tagged as Life modifiers get a passover to make more uniques work with this Mastery?

Do you know if the Triggerbots will work with things like Summon Holy Relic minions?

What are the implications of the changes to the way projectiles return to you for both Kinetic Blast and Fireball when used with the Nimis Ring linked with fork? Do they still explode on walls and your character, and on contact with fork?

Did United in Dream also lose its poison chance?

Has the Balance of Terror Jewel been removed from the game?

What is Spark's Projectile Speed now?

Was the removal of Books of Regression intended to nerf the strategy that involved using them for Heist?

With Ruthless offering a different, smaller set of challenges to complete than the base game, will it be possible to complete some challenges in Ruthless and others in the main league in order to get these rewards?

Why is the Boss Kill Event being hosted in Ruthless?

Is there a prize pool for the Boss Kill Event on consoles?

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Updated with the following question:

When will Kalandra League end?
Wednesday December 7th at 10am NZT
Updated with the following questions:

Do Sanctums rewards only come from offers?
No, the monsters also drop rewards, and many of them are unique monsters with corresponding levels of item rarity and quantity. Also, in the endgame, you can get new unique items and sanctified relics from the Sanctum.

Do Ruthless characters migrate to permanent parent leagues at the end of a challenge league?
They do. Hardcore characters that die will be deleted upon death but hardcore characters that survive the league will migrate to the parent league.
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Updated with the following question:

The solutions and specifics section of the patch notes about the Lord of Drought Cluster Jewels notable have conflicting information. Which version is correct?
The specifics section is correct. We'll update the solutions section to better reflect the specifics section.

The solutions section previously referenced what was written in the manifesto however it became outdated as we discovered an issue with what was planned in the manifesto and had to update it to what's written in the specifics section.
Updated with the following question:

Will you bring back the strike mastery that was removed?
We discussed this further based on player feedback to see if we could consider other options but unfortunately we won't be bringing it back in 3.20.
Updated with the following question:

With the changes to Jewels, will The Unexpected Prize Divination Card be updated?
Yes, it now offers corrupted attribute transforming jewels.
When will the passive skill tree be updated?
We have updated the Passive Skill Tree data on github to make it accessible to tool creators. The Passive Skill Tree on the website gets updated alongside the expansion launch.
Answer updated:

Is the Relic Altar shared between your characters or per character?
Your relic altar is per character but your relic locker is shared between your characters in the same league.
We've removed the following patch note: The mini Energy Shield bar from the "show mini Life bar above you" UI Option will now display separately to the Life bar when you have a certain amount of Energy Shield at different level thresholds.

This feature did not make its way through our testing process successfully, and will be re-considered at a later date.
This patch note has been updated. The change is bolded.

The Divinarius Unique Dagger now has 150-200% increased Spell Damage (previously 50-70%), 30% increased Area of Effect (previously 10%), "Gain 100-200 Life per Enemy Killed" (previously 30), and "Gain 50-100 Mana per Enemy Killed" (previously 10). It also now has 200-250% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells if you've Killed Recently (previously 125-175%), and +60-100% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells if you haven't Killed Recently (previously +40-60%). Existing versions of this Unique can be updated with a Divine Orb.
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