Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Added a new, optional game mode for Path of Exile: Ruthless.

Fun Mode when?
hades sanctum
Where's the patch notes, though?
This really can't have been thought through...


The Occultist's Profane Bloom Notable Ascendancy Passive Skill no longer provides "Your Hexes can affect Hexproof Enemies." It now provides "Cursed Enemies you or your Minions Kill have a 50% chance to Explode, dealing a quarter of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage" (previously 40% chance).
The Occultist's Malediction Notable Ascendancy Passive Skill has been renamed to Unholy Authority. It no longer provides 15% increased Effect of your Curses, or "Enemies you curse have Malediction." It now provides "Your Hexes can affect Hexproof Enemies."


Cluster passives now provide "Your [Insert Curse] can affect Hexproof Enemies"


FOUR POINTS of Occultist ascendency nodes are worth a few cluster jewel passives and an explody mod


[Removed by Support]
These are the most underwhelming ascendency points BY A WIDE margin.
Not joking, I would willingly trade spending 4 ascendency points on these jokes of stats for 4 passive skill tree points, the passive skill tree points would be so much more worth it

Edit: Support has "deemed" that my dissenting opinion of the god-devs should not be read by the masses. I wonder why.....
Balance changes which make less sense pure randomness, and now censoring criticism from your community. GGG, you're done for, and you're doing it to yourself.
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The changes are overall, decent.
Got to admit though, that Vaal flicker strike seems to be a suicide button.
You basically surrender every bit of control and have what, a 4 second window where any incoming damage has to be just survived on buffer? And all you get for that risk is... an underwhelming kill explosion that's likely to drop items you'll have to backtrack for.
If it had built in Life gain on hit or had a chance to give frenzy charge per enemy killed, sure, that'd be something cool to have.
As is, it's underwhelming at best.
Withering Step and Elusive
Withering Step can no longer be used while already Elusive. This change shouldn't affect builds that don't have ways to gain Elusive outside of Withering Step.

That's not true, now many builds are indirectly nerfed, cause you lose the Withering effect AOE Debuff WHEN PERFORM ANY ACTION/skill and cant use again until you elusive buff 10 seconds? This is a big indirect NERF to builds use Witherin to apply Wither debuff (because this is the original objective of skill) Like Deaths aura, Toxic Rai, Caustic Arrow... etc

With this changes indirectly NERF lots of skills just to try to fix one: Lightning Strike+Night baldes, and this is NOT THE WAY GGG, or that's what i think. The last changes in last 3-4 seasons are based on fix many Skills "OP" skills making another's non-OP skills useless, and this is very sad, i just try by constructive, really.

(I use " " cause others skills like: totems or Skeleton mages still destroying all content with 3 div budget :s LS at least need like...40-50 div? sry don't understand how to GGG evaluate the "OP level" of builds :/ i think GGG just watch and kill top 3 build more played in last season, and this is not REAL valanced the game....but this is obviously and still doing this strategy the last 4 seasons, for my this is a BIG MISTAKE, on this way you are destroying your game slowly)

GL & HF guys ^^
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Thank you.
The Vine Pod explosion skill used by Spriggans now has a cooldown of 3 seconds, and a portion of the damage dealt is now Chaos Damage. They now also use the skill when you are closer to them.
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So.... The main question still has no answer.
- alot of nerf.
- No buff. ascendancy/skill gem
- notting change no meta shift [just kill some meta]
- New skill. looking joke
- little. buff the old unique

Have 4-5 mouth but ..........

In my oppinion. I'm disappoint indeed

the part I like the most is definitely Awakened gem now drops in regular contents.

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