3.20 Balance Manifesto: Curses

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hmmm... OK...
Sounds like a nice clean way to do things for the most part.

I knew it was probably coming but I'm a bit sad I never played a real curse bot when I could have!
Oh well, I messed around with doedre's skin in a duo setup a little bit before it's first re-work.

I was actually kinda worried for curse on hit, but these changes seem reasonable.

While curse on hit did get nerfed due to the change to low level curse gems, the removal of the less effectiveness modifier should offset that change.

Also looking forward to the change to the temp despair and temp chains cluster jewel. I love that the curse clusters aren't just curse effect now.
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3.20 Full Doedre's cosplay
This will be fun !
alright i'm going to make another hexblast then! Let's see how it goes!!! The new ring is POG

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