Streamer Interview - ds_lily

A great feature for streamer growth is also the in-game announcements, so I decided to start blasting on the XP ladder at league starts which will broadcast your name to everyone.

One of the reasons i skip the first day ,besides day one bugs & lag, is to avoid the constant spam on the chat when random guys enter zone x. Completely unimportant and can't be deactivated sadly.
Masterpiece of 3.16 lore
"A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, trying to escape from something you can't see. She hands you a rusty-looking device called the Blood Crucible and urges you to implant it into your body."

Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
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All of the current comments are weird / cringe.

Good job, PoE community. [Removed by Support]
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not quite as good as another interview a certain poe youtuber did with her but very informative.
Cassia supremacy
hello mathil, hello stream
Do you have a favourite build?
Not really, but I tend to like builds that stack a high number of projectiles (buff molten strike).

i thought it was dd or bf/bb



Mi o sutete koso ukabu se mo aru
Lily's stream isn't my style, but mad respect to her as I know she's very good at the game....
i thought the interview was about poe

Looking forward to more beef filled antics from the godliest gamer.
buff molten strike!
that's one pretty bland Q&A session right there, was this AI generated?

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