Get your flares and dynamite ready, it's almost time to go down into the darkness in our upcoming Endless Delve event! In Endless Delve, you will begin the event in the Mine Encampment and cannot leave the Mine. All you can do is Delve. All sulphite costs have been removed, and the Mine scales from level 1 instead of its usual scaling.

Endless Delve starts on all platforms at 12pm November 14th (PST) which is Nov 14, 2022 3:00 PM (EST) (Log in to view in your local time). It will end at 12pm November 21st (PST) which is Nov 21, 2022 3:00 PM (EST)(Log in to view in your local time).

In this iteration of the Endless Delve event, winners will be based on players that reach depth 600 first, rather than the deepest depth at the end of the event. Tons of prizes are up for grabs, including a guaranteed Kalandra Mystery Box for reaching level 50!
Please note: You are limited to two guaranteed Kalandra Mystery Boxes across all events, i.e. if you've already gotten your Mystery Box in Mayhem, you can only get one more Mystery Box between Endless Delve or Delirium Everywhere. Also, if this is your second Kalandra Mystery Box, it will be added to your account after the end of the event. If this is your first Kalandra Mystery Box it will be added to your account automatically.

Endless Delve FAQ
In the Endless Delve event, you'll play exclusively in the Azurite Mine and won't need sulphite for progress. You'll begin the plunge with access to some starter gear to help you take on perilous darkness:

To help you prepare for the event and to give you a further idea of what to expect from the Endless Delve, we've answered the most common questions from our community.

Do we start from level 1?

What exactly do we start with?

Which classes will get which starting unique items?

Can you make a new character to get multiple copies of the same item?

Could you specify exact thresholds for skill points and Ascendancies?

How does depth scaling work compared to normal Delving?

How will respec points work?

Which vendors are available? Will there be currency vendors?

Are gems restricted to class or will they be accessible to all classes?

How does Niko's inventory reset?

Will there be a crafting bench in the Mine Encampment?

Will Divination Cards be available?

Will drops be disabled on maps, chisels, etc. because they will have no use?

Will the on-death experience penalty be present? If so, when?

Is the Delve progression per character or per account?

Can you choose your bandit reward?

Why is Endless Delve Solo Self-Found?

How do I join the event?

For more information about Endless Delve or our other Events for November, check out this thread. To join the event, log into the game and in the bottom right of the character select screen, click "Join" next to the version of the event you want to participate in.

Want to keep track of who's on top? The ladders for each version of the Endless Delve event can be found below:
Best of luck to everyone participating in the event!
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scar of fate weapon swap meta inc
Got my build ready, top elementalist hear I come ;)
Let's be honest. Everyone who gets to endlessly Delve is a winner!
My wife told me about an innuendo contest; so I Endlessly Delved her.
You should utilize these items in more events! Really mixes things up in terms of build creation!
...Chief Arkhon of the Oriath Academy....

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