As soon as the Kalandra League ends, both the Lake of Kalandra Supporter Packs and the current Kirac's Vault Pass will permanently leave the store. Be sure to pick them up before they make way for their next series!

When the Kalandra League ends in a few weeks, the current items available in Kirac's Vault Pass will be sealed away forever and replaced with new, exclusive cosmetic effects alongside the launch of our next expansion. The cosmetics in the pass for consoles will be replaced alongside our next expansion's console launch. Check out the unique item skins in the video below or get your Pass here.

We'll be announcing the new Supporter Packs that will be replacing the Lake of Kalandra Supporter Packs in our next livestream announcement. We'll be posting information about the livestream once it's been confirmed, so keep your eye on the news! In the meantime, be sure to grab your Knight and Rogue packs here before they are gone forever.

Thanks for your support!
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Hang in there GGG!

I'm eager to learn more about 3.20 along with the upcoming Dev Manifesto(s)!
I wish you guys would make the vault available in standard as well.
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Cool now ..

Wait and see for 3.20 / loot / fun
could it be, that this post is 1 month too early? :D
Could you say the permanent skin transfer will be available 'soon' as well? <3
Would be nice to know that you haven't forgotten about Chris' mention from the AMA on r/Games

P.S. : Mayhem is awesome! Also please accept my Ruthless alpha request ;D

P.S. 2 : I'm not desperate, I swear. Just super excited for the original playstyle ;3 but mooore difficult pog
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yo cant wait for the reveal hope the level of difficulty of the league is communicated perfectly to put expectations at a reasonable level and wish you the best of luck on your work.
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I’ve always been happy to pick up POE supporter packs. But I really think a vault/battle pass the way it’s currently implemented feels bad and duplicative to (as opposed to synergistic to) support packs… and in a bad way (with all the map unlocking requirements. Not that that is a problem for me).

I hope the concept of the kirac pass can be reviewed. I can’t imagine they are too popular.
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Good to know, but I think it's better to test gameplay of 3.20 before getting a supp pack. It's necessary to see how fun and loot is.

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