3.19.2 Patch Notes

Ah some QOL fixes. Here's hoping against hope that 3.20 is Mr Fixit league
[19:36]#Mirror_stacking_clown: try smoke ganja every day for 10 years and do memory game
Awesome, please make permanent skin transfers so we can destroy Alt Arts and have them on our account!
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
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Good Job
Gandicar wrote:
Guys, give it up on the 32:9 Ultrawide cheat, it's gone.

Love the incendiary language, but if you're so concerned about fairness with features that have been working without adjustment in the game for almost a decade, why not pick a feature that actually affects player performance and lock the framerate to 30? Doesn't that sound more fair to people with weak hardware?
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Can you fix the performance issues ? I lost a character to Archenemsis texture streaming lagging me out :(
Any info on this sound engine upgrade?
add a disable sounds option to increase fps
hrm sfx engine, wonder if it will lag much less now
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So Very Epic Pog Cool !

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