Recently we announced that the ongoing Kalandra League will be extended for a few weeks. While this gives you more time to complete the challenges, you may be wondering if the Lake of Kalandra stays in Path of Exile.

For now, the Lake will not become a part of the core game. When the league ends, all your existing Mirrored Tablets will be deleted, so if you have some stocked, now is a good time to use them.

While we may bring the Lake of Kalandra mechanic back in some form in the future, we don't have any plans we can announce at the moment.

We will announce the exact date of Kalandra League's end soon. Keep an eye on the news!
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Good news!
RIP Kalandra
RIP Calandra's cloaca
won't be missed but somehow archnemesis is still core
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could easily implement them into the core in the form of unique maps with auto-generated rooms and layouts based on its rolls. we don't like lake but it would be cool to still have it in the game.

and this whole league could have been WAY better if tile manipulation options weren't so scarce. most of my lakes don't even get to have any reflection above difficulty 10 because I can't find the options I need. and a lake with no reflection above difficulty 10 rarely drops something useful, so they're not worth running and I just destroy all tablets that end up like that.

it would probably be perfectly fine if we had 4 options on the UI instead of 3. lakes would have more diversity and it would be easier to build actually decent lakes. in addition I don't even know why lakes aren't permanently 5x5 after we finish all mini quests. hopefully whoever came up with that idea won't design any league mechanic in the future. hope you've learnt your lesson and won't be so afraid to reward players anymore

anyway, rip stupid bird
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F lake of kalandra
The league mechanic was alright, but yeah, not worthy going core

The items you could mirror was fun, i hope the item for anoint mirrored items stays!

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