[3.21]10mil+ Shockwave Totems Chieftain Cheap Uniques

I was really struggling to find a build I like this league, until I tried this one out.

I think this might be my favorite version of Shockwave totem. My issues with other builds for it was that they were way to squishy, but this one, like your post states, is deceptively tanky.

Damage feels good and while I haven't been able to get a skin of the lords yet (using a skin of the loyal currently) I've been able to clear most content I've tried.

QOL feels great especially with not having to deal with mana cost management and the combo of petrified blood and Lori's lantern has saved me from many one-shots.

Great build and will most likely be my go-to for shockwave totem in the future as well!
I love this build, too. Also my favorite shockwave build. I´m farming stuff in ssf for it, but struggle with the cards for astral projector. They drop just from map bosses and I did already a lot of maps with just 1 card.
Glad to hear y'all like it <3
Comfy Chieftain FTW!

I´m farming stuff in ssf for it, but struggle with the cards for astral projector.

I haven't tried this in SSF but the ring is a HUGE upgrade, completely transforms the playstyle. I actually use Holy Flame Totem until I can get a ring. Though I testes Glacial Cascade totems and they were surprisingly good too. I might do a test of it after BPL... maybe in SSF...? hmmm...
I liked this buıild a lot!
But i don't know im dying too much im 82 lvl rn not have medium clusters.
and Clear Mind Cobalt Jewel is removed from the game, what should i do?
But i don't know im dying too much im 82 lvl rn not have medium clusters

Clusters are actually a pretty big damage boost. So I'd recommend going for them. At least start with 1 Medium with Arcane Surge + Onslaught passives, its big cast speed increase.

Aside from that, make sure you have the big damage multipliers:
* Elemental Overload
* Fire Exposure (from glove Eldrich)
* Cover with Ash (from Ascendancy)

We lost Clear Mind, but the new Fire Mastery is a pretty big upgrade:
"Critical Strikes do not inherently ignite. 100% increased damage with Hits against ignited enemies."
Make sure you have Combustion and you should be all good.

Also can use Singularity combined with an Abyss jewel that gives you chance to Hinder on hit (so you don't have to be nearby, but still get 100% increased damage).

And get lots of regen and block. This build relies on regen to out-heal any degen and the totem range/playstyle to avoid most hits. With the knockback and enough cast speed most enemies will be pushed away from you.

Bonus: Crucible mod of 20-30% more cast speed is pretty huge, even with a 15-20% damage loss.

Hope it helps :)
Thank you for help <3 <3 <3
I know that the point is sort of to keep the build cheap, but any info on non-cheap upgrades? I know mageblood can be great for flasks and render overflowing unnecessary for the chance at another flask, and a multiplied 40resist sub.

I'm not used to totem builds at all, and I appreciate your scaling section but I'm curious if you've thought about the upper limits of the build and what might be the next steps AFTER the non-budget PoB you provided. I'd be interested in more ehp, more aoe, etc.

The block chance, even where you have it, really does nothing for you in the grand scheme of things unless it is maxed and you have some kind of recovery...even PoB shows you that it REDUCES your ehp to take glancing blows.

Thanks for the interesting build, I'm excited to try it out but also curious to hear from someone more experienced in totems than I am!
what might be the next steps AFTER the non-budget PoB you provided

I'm honestly not the greatest min/maxer. I like to theorycraft but tend to get ADD after a week I lose interest and move on to another build lol.

However, I did have some plans I didn't get to try/not enough budget.

Scaling for totems isn't entirely different as any other spell caster, really. Aside from some Totem placement speed and some life/res for them, most of the scaling is similar. Cast speed, inc % damage. Plus the range of Shockwave makes them very effective. (Why bother with totem life/res? its hard to see it, but totems can get stunned quite a lot during big fights and their damage downtime will probably kill you quickly).

Only edge-case I can think of is Action Speed: normally this is great on normal casters, but it only increases Totem Placement speed, not their cast speed. So not really worth it.

The difficulty to fitting in more is its quite difficult with so many unique items that make the build easy to get going. If you fully abandon the Double-Damage strat and remove Blood Magic, it might be worth going for the Triple damage Staff and more armor gear and you can fit more auras.

Some ideas in no particular order (not tested... but I was planning to test)
* The easiest eHP fixer would be to stack some sources of "% Phys taken as", so swapping into Tasalio's in your ascendancy would be quickest fixer. Also some source of Endurance charge sustain. Along with a double-corrupted Cloak of Flame should fix most phys one-shots.
* Since we stack strength, maybe Iron Fortress is worth it for armor and damage.
* A nice double-corrupted Dawnbreaker might be quite good too.
* big damage = Berserker's Aspect of Carnage jewels $$$
* Leadership's Price or Secrets of Suffering- Scorch would be huge dps boost though might be a stretch to fit in.
* Taste of Hate for more phys taken as
* A fat rare +1 totem shield with %Spell damage and +1 all Fire and +3 max fire res and chaos res would be expensive HUGE. Life would be great to.
* technically, crit is always more damage, BUT... its a royal paaaaaaiiin to get any spell crit as Chieftain. Maybe Brittle Boots and Crit Clusters and a huge wand/sceptre and +Spell crit corrupted gloves or body armor...

This league new things: AoE and More Cast speed Crucibles might be really fun!
With all those damage options, maybe you can drop some tree nodes and get more life!

PoB shows you that it REDUCES your ehp to take glancing blows

I struggled with this, I know PoB says that but I tested on/off and it just felt better to map with it on. It reduces the spikiness of most mapping damage and with enough regen it carried me through it all. Without GB it felt I was more prone to one-shots because I had a lower block chance so occasionally a larger hit would get through.

Wow that was long. Hope it helps though! Kind of a brain dump lol hope it makes sense :)

I'm working on another character variation based on this template to see if its viable. It might suck tho... most of my experiments suck lol
To increase damage you could use frenzy charges (from mines for example) and vaal haste

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