[3.21]10mil+ Shockwave Totems Chieftain Cheap Uniques

Which bosses did you with this build. Are the watchstones essy possible?
I did everything except Ubers. I managed Uber Atziri but the rest I needed more DPS or tank.

With big investment, I think this can do everything, but for me it did everything I wanted (IMO Ubers don't exist, they make the game feel bad; but I know I'm probably in the minority).
Thinking of playing this build but i haven't played any totem builds before. How do you guys suggest i level it?
How do you guys suggest i level it?

I don't recommend starting it as a League Starter.

If you're league starting, I'd say start as Pohx's RF Jugg and swap later.

If you have some currency, you can level as Holy Flame Totem + Flame Wall + Arcane Surge and use some twink gear to carry the early game. (Hrimsorrow, Tasalios or Berek's)

The main change from normal spell builds to totems is you can't jump ahead constantly, you have to summon your totems in front and then move forward or else you'll get one-shot a lot. The playstyle is a bit closer to a DoT build, run around while things die.

However, if you already have Astral Projector, you can swap almost immediately into it. The ring is the key enabler of this build.

Nycta's will carry you far and Singularity is a great swap too.
tobiazl wrote:
Which bosses did you with this build. Are the watchstones essy possible?

hello, i did this build, and managed to kill shaper, elder, uber atziri and sirus deathless, didnt try anything harder, but i think it is possible, playstyle is safe, u have recovery, only issue is DPS
Thank you very much.
Maybe a second curse could be an option for more damage?
I did maven, searing exarch and eater of worlds, uber elder. Maven as always pain in the butt, but the other went fine.
Second curse is about 20% more DPS

cortex done
the feared done
chayula done
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hello ,
i would love to thank you so much for the build , it cost me a bit for a newbie (this is my first league) but i have to say after trying diffrent builds before , none of them carried me to T16 maps and while writing this im abt to fight black star in polaric void map , so its amazing :)

so my question is since i offscreen mobs most of the time is there some kind of item to inflict flammability on hit since its hard for me to do so while running around bosses to not get hit ,

also about flasks , is there a good life flask (unique) that can help me sustain the hits more like the progenesis one but ofc a cheaper one ?

and for body armour , there is no way to get that skin of the lords with the socket colors i need it costs over 10divs , is there any variant to make me tankier ?

and is there an updated version for more upgrades to carry me through the game even more ?

thank you ^^

edi 1 : and just killed my very first pinnacle boss ^^ and dropped the eternal struggle onyx amulet xD
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btw , what pantheons to take and upgrade ?
sharkeye101 wrote:
btw , what pantheons to take and upgrade ?

I have lunaris and gruthkul.
You can find flammability on hit on rings,

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