Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Anngrat wrote:
Always been wondering, who are those people spamming pog for a huge nerf manifesto...

Those pepegas just spamming even before they actually read the post so just ignore them haha

I made 3 level 100 HCSSF characters in Sentinel League.

I might not make 1 character in your Kalandria League.

[Removed by Support]

lily you should join the official HCSSF guild for next league(or the one after that if we decide to skip).

Bring back HCSSF exclusive challenge rewards. Otherwise when tradies get the same rewards as us, why would we even work for that stuff? Nah man miss me with that. Just put a red/green diagonal stripe over the MTX or something or a giant sign that says HCSSF over the body armour. Anything to show the difference and i'm not even capping. If you do that I'll gladly pay for chris wilsons new ferrari or his lambo
Guild Leader of the OFFICIAL HCSSF Guild.

Guild Thread:
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looks like a skip league to me.
hogmark wrote:
First impressions: amazing!

This must be a joke right?
First we get mobs on steroids then massive nerfs to defenses... probably need to look into HC builds to make the game playable this league :D
Ezcompany wrote:

??? Prolly you are an GGG employee, else i dont understand your statement, hyped because ALL builds got nerfed?
KopaKabana wrote:
Frost8143 wrote:

Why are you spamming poggers for a huge NERF manifesto? Literally this is the only game i have whitnessed the players being happy with the nerfs? What is wrong with you ppl?

They're being paid/rewarded with ol' good company lawd for pogging. They are pushing their rng slider into the right for pogging as the herd should do. The ones that ol' good company does not like (like myself), can't corrupt a single gem to 21/20 in months.
On initial review, it looks like there are a lot of things to reduce the power of strong defensive options, but little to actually improve player ability to build alternatives. It feels like players found out the few limited options there were in the game to not die instantly as much, and those options are being whittled away. Considering my tanky builds still pop randomly without much feedback to make improvement possible, these changes seem like a half measure which just makes things worse.
Surely this will come with nerfs to monster/boss damage this time.

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