Our 3.19 Expansion Timeline

bro that day marvel spiderman realease to the pc.
Ultimatum or riot
Problem: Players are having fun in Path of Exile.
Solution: Remove fun.
just remove Archnemesis mods for good..and would be great if u exchanged Torment with Ultimatum..and for the love of God stop nerfing builds..if u want to change the meta buff the rest of the non meta skills..u don't even need to add more skills..just rework or buff the existing ones..thank u
51percented wrote:
Ultimatum or riot
fishing league confirmed
51percented wrote:
Ultimatum or riot

You ARE aware that ultimatum is built in now, with the altars?
51percented wrote:
Ultimatum or riot

Ultimatum or riot x2
It kind of the looks like the boat at the beginning of the Strand Map.
Regardless, looking forward to the next league.
~ Adapt, Improvise and Overcome
Please GGG
bring back the mechanics of Ultimatum league.
jogador casual
aprendendo a jogar o poezin.
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