Our 3.19 Expansion Timeline

Great. Will be able to complete everything in Grim Dawn by then.
Ultimatum will be back in 3.19
Nerf hammer inc? :o
We love you Chris Wilson.
I love Path of Exitement!
I love Path of Exile!
Can´t wait to see the new league.
Cool, looking forward to trade being improved and maybe even crafting being removed and the game being rebalanced
due to its removal because that is just horrendous. Take note from last epoch for crafting imo, current crafting is terrible, like unbelievably bad,and yet the game is balanced around it, absolutely ruins the game right now.
IGN: Blip
the scope is bigger than sentinel? yea, i've seen how well the scope of 3.18 was handled with the archnemesis integration
The league will "launch" aug 12th. Path of exile Boat Launch confirmed!
Nice !
Bad Seed
Brb, sleeping til August 5th.

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