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JinLee1337 wrote:
I don't know if someone at ggg reads this, but i want to give a quick overview why i didn't enjoy last league as much.

1. The new challenge system sucks. The grind and difficulty is way to much for me personally, which is even worse in ssf, the only game mode i play. It put me off this league. Usually i play quite a bit longer to get to 24 or 36 achievements in any given league. This time i didn't care about that at all (the threshold of i am grinding this out to i cannot be bothered was crossed). From my point of view you basically removed a system that i at least partially enjoyed.

2. Recombinator: I love the idea of them, because rares you pick up matter now, but it is to much power creep, because they are functionally to strong. And at this point if every league has insane items and insane ways to craft it is starting to not only diminish past achievements, but also the feeling of getting a gg item, because it is way to easy now and with every league it is getting easier.

3. I understand that you need to make money and i know that at this point you won't remove the button for the battle pass on the atlas tree, but it triggers me so much that it is right besides the atlas skill tree. If you cannot remove it, because money, at least move it somewhere else or let me disable it. I will never ever (and i mean that) buy that battle pass and it actively distracts from my enjoyment of the game.

4. Archnemesis was completely fucked at the start of the league. I don't know if you managed to balance it, because i only played for about 10 days. It did not make the game better, in my opinion.

I think the new endgame is better than ever though, but all the other annoyances i have with the game make me not want to play it.
I hope you are able to address at least some of them in the next league.

Recombinator is an insane mechanism to get perfect items?
How dare you said something insane like this?
Admittedly, recombinator just provides a possible way to get multi-unveiled, multi t8 essenced items back, and gives us better choices to make full use of many basetypes dropped during encounters in atlas.

Yep, it's crazy that you could see such crazy items in ninja, but I bet you can never successfully recombined one so you feel envy, and hate it.
Once if you tried this, I meand to get a double or even more fractured bow or other items with fractured rare/limited mods, you would change this silly idea.

It does increase the ceiling we can reach, but have you ever seen tons of failed items thrown to the ground? Do you know the feeling of destroy a fractured base, which is tens of or even more than hundred ex?

It only provide a better way to get 2 to 3(cannot be prefixes or suffixes the same time) -mod items easily (you still need to annul tens of times and ruin a lot of basetype, or just alter it), and it is a great optimization of the trash mod pool. Then unveil and craft, and get one useful enchantment, that's all.

The only way to prove your idea is to show your tons of unmirrored 5 or 6 perfect mod items to us, and let us know how fxxking lucky you are.
I only need new leagues with content and changes ;) No need for a new game, love this one!
Boat league confirmed!
Just gonna put this out there. I was in the NAVY, can't wait for boat league!!!
Sentinel was fun, grats to GGG for making something from nothing. The packs were stellar and really outshined others. The healing indictor bot and leveling burst ring are top of the notch (hell portal gets honorable mention).

I dont think Sentinel is good enough for core though. Its a bit too simple, like a one trick pony. Hoping to see scourge 2.0, it was a joy and gave options for worthless white gear and corrupted gear. It filled a hole, whre sentinel is like a firework. Bang, done, let's move on.
Fishing is coming in boat league!
I missed boats here
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