Our 3.19 Expansion Timeline

Great job with the end game but what about this boring campain leveling over and over again ( i'm not a speed racer to do it in 4h or less it takes me at least 8h) if you try to make some other character and try a new build. DO SMTH ABOUT IT. Improve also the gameplay for new players, none of my friends what's to try POE CAUSE OF HOW HARD IT IS. Make the campain easier let them get to feel the exciment of the game not quit after Submerged passage. I'm probably just disapointed cause there is nothing done for the new players.
So excited for the next league. I have two friends who just started and this will be their first league launch.
If you just removed Archnemesis and did a really big balance overhaul without nerfing everything to hell again, that'd be the best league in over a year.
Ty for update.

A further Developed Manifesto on the Skill/Monster balance would honestly be awesome - we're on the dark here regarding post-Sentinel theorycrafting.
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Fusion Skill Engineering: view-thread/1095291
çok sikko bir lig olucak belli. Kel sende yargılanıcaksın.
Jekersep wrote:
Boat? Is that Boat League??

Nope, posting beating a dead meme
I don't know if someone at ggg reads this, but i want to give a quick overview why i didn't enjoy last league as much.

1. The new challenge system sucks. The grind and difficulty is way to much for me personally, which is even worse in ssf, the only game mode i play. It put me off this league. Usually i play quite a bit longer to get to 24 or 36 achievements in any given league. This time i didn't care about that at all (the threshold of i am grinding this out to i cannot be bothered was crossed). From my point of view you basically removed a system that i at least partially enjoyed.

2. Recombinator: I love the idea of them, because rares you pick up matter now, but it is to much power creep, because they are functionally to strong. And at this point if every league has insane items and insane ways to craft it is starting to not only diminish past achievements, but also the feeling of getting a gg item, because it is way to easy now and with every league it is getting easier.

3. I understand that you need to make money and i know that at this point you won't remove the button for the battle pass on the atlas tree, but it triggers me so much that it is right besides the atlas skill tree. If you cannot remove it, because money, at least move it somewhere else or let me disable it. I will never ever (and i mean that) buy that battle pass and it actively distracts from my enjoyment of the game.

4. Archnemesis was completely fucked at the start of the league. I don't know if you managed to balance it, because i only played for about 10 days. It did not make the game better, in my opinion.

I think the new endgame is better than ever though, but all the other annoyances i have with the game make me not want to play it.
I hope you are able to address at least some of them in the next league.
Boat league wasn't funny when it was fresh...
New support gems, specifically for Guard Skills?

Also, which class is going to get their audio dialogues from Acts 5 to 10?

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