3.18.1c Hotfix

streamers cant play there high end stuff, you guys added new stutter to the game when doing high end stuff making it impossible to play, great work.

i hope you guys have low end pc to use while testing and are not all way testing on the newest hardware, because that just super unrealistic.
Nope it's still terribly long.
The worst performance in this league
maxtraxv3 wrote:
i hope you guys have low end pc to use while testing and are not all way testing on the newest hardware, because that just super unrealistic.

It runs like shit on high end new hardware, too. Serious performance issues in PoE have always been largely unrelated to how good/bad/old/new the hardware running it is, even though having a ridiculously powerful rig does let you brute force the game into a relatively playable state.
ArchonLucien wrote:
The patch did not changed anything for me. My loading times is still 5x longer than pre patch (went from 2sec to 10sec) and if i return to hideout after clearing more than half of the map, returning to map takes more than 10sec.

And the worst thing is i started to stutter a lot, like when i hit a pack or inflenced monsters spawns or opening strongboxes etc, delirous maps became a nightmare to clear. It was totally fine before the patch, i had literally zero stutters since start of this league till the patch before.

This is exactly how it's working for me too. Still really long loading screens, a lot of stuttering for every map... all you mentioned basically.

It was working fine to me pre 3.18.1C, please, roll back to it!!
The Loading times have seen some improvement but they are still very long...much longer than before the patch. Fortunately performance was corrected and now it is similar to pre-patch! Juiced content is playable now.
The responce was impressive GGG but please test it a bit longer before release.

My specs: i9 9900k ,rtx 2060 6gb, 16gb ddr4 3600mhz , 860evo 500gb winodws 10 drive, 970 evo plus 1tb game drive
there is still long loading screen. lmao
fk archnemesis.
I'm still having the problem with the loading screen.... :(
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DX11 loading times are maybe fixed but texture streaming is still all over the place.

EDIT: nope after enough memory leaks i guess loading times are pretty much same and texture streaming everywhere and every time i open delve map its blurry... just revert this patch and it would be fixed...
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new 55KB patch today and all of a sudden 5 game crashes in the space of 4 maps - on explosive arrow detonation. restart game, go back in to map and it's as if i wasn't there (fog of war) but everything is still dead.

ryzen 1700x, geforce gtx 1060 6GB
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crashing every few minutes since this patch on any renderer, latest driver.

ryzen 1800x - geforce 1080TI
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