3.18.1c Hotfix

loading took 3 mins for me, cant even get into maps because it will always sent me back to the loading screen after long loading, game was fine before the patches yesterday, time to stop playing i guess

my pc specs;
Intel Core I3 4160
gtx 950
8gb ram
DX 11

Exact same issue as reported by Rastamepas
Loading times seem a little improved but unfortunately the game is still completely unplayable after the patch. I have a i9-9820X (10-core 20 Logical Processor), 2080 Super ASUS ROG Strix GPU, 32 Gig 3000+ MHz memory, SSD. I understand this isn’t the absolute brand new computer but I was getting 120+ frames in 100% delirium maps pre-patch now I can’t even get out of my hideout. CPU graph shows 80ms latency like it’s trying to load something but there’s a render problem, constant stuttering, etc.

Completely understand the challenges/risks with releasing updates, some fix some get worse. I was just really having fun with my first high-end build now I can’t play at all. Not even sure what can be done at this point but I’m looking at 6-7 hours of troubleshooting invested since last night already with 0% success.

Just a real bummer I can’t even load a map without game basically locking up.
Slight improvement but still worse than before the patch. Should be rolled back like archnemesis.

1060 GTM
Maker of ZeeL's Amplifier.

We have collected enough examples and are continuing to investigate the problem.
Thank you very much to those that sent us your system information, and we're sorry for the inconvenience caused by the performance problems!


We're looking for examples of long load screens after applying the 3.181.c hotfix.
To further diagnose the issue, we'll need to see a Dxdiag for your system.
You can either PM me directly on the forum with your Dxdiag information;
or email us at support@grindinggear.com
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Don't have long loading screens, but doing anything is destroying CPU (running, killing - anything) with i7-12700, while the other stats are barely loaded
Problem: Players are having fun in Path of Exile.
Solution: Remove fun.
I don't have long loading times, but game is crashing every map since this hotfix.
The patch did not changed anything for me. My loading times is still 5x longer than pre patch (went from 2sec to 10sec) and if i return to hideout after clearing more than half of the map, returning to map takes more than 10sec.

And the worst thing is i started to stutter a lot, like when i hit a pack or inflenced monsters spawns or opening strongboxes etc, delirous maps became a nightmare to clear. It was totally fine before the patch, i had literally zero stutters since start of this league till the patch before.
Longer loading times, generally worse performance, what seems to be some texture streaming issues making a return, and even some serious stuttering, including every time a boss did a different attack. Did this patch just wipe out (or outright break) shader caches or something like that? A complete disaster.

It's not unplayable by any means - and PoE has been plenty unplayable before - but it is certainly unacceptable. No matter how good the game gets - and I'd say it's at its very best right now - it's hard to put in a good word for it because it has been ten years of absolutely every kind of recurring performance issues, with no sign of this ever coming to an end. Every single patch makes you dread launching the game again, and some of these make you want to quit until the next league and just hope things didn't get worse by then.
Crashing constantly in every map since this update.

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