3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

pls nerf dmg mobs... an mobs specially
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4 bad buffs that give nothing for 60 seconds instead of 2 for 20?
Very disappointing. We will now have echoist for 60 seconds, and will be certain to steal it with the increased variety. For fuck's sake.
Nothing changed at all, we have no buff to leech.
LOL this is their way to pat themselves on the back, and say what a great job they did. Obviously there is no problems with Archnemesis going core!

What a joke of a patch. But I honestly am not finding the joke very funny.

This was one of the worst directions the game has gone in some time now. Never has something gone core that just straight made me uninspired to play. The leveling process is not fun anymore, and is just completely soul crushing. It's like they gave you a whole bunch of new ways to build defensively, and then upped the requirements so that you had to check every single box they now provided to feel like you can even play the game.

The grind to level 100 was already rediculously difficult, with the random oneshots just killing you. But now you have to deal with so many stupid mechanics just cluster fucking your screen while mapping its insane. I just am not finding it enjoyable to be CONSTANTLY tasked with "Never stop moving or you get shit on by lightning avatars/Green balls/Volatiles/bullshit"

I miss the days when you could get away with a budget of 1.5m dps and be able to say "damn son, get a look at that" and you were able to fit in as much defensives as you wanted after that. But now it seems like you need 10x the dps with 100x the defensiveness in order to just pass the mustard for red maps.

Why are you designing a game around the uber uber elite which only make up a 0.01% of your playerbase? Why are the semi-casual players constantly being pushed to no-life the game or not play? Dont even get me started on the soul crushing process of using the trade system... ughhh that alone infuriates me to no end, enough to make me not enjoy playing the game in itself.

This patch is a mockery.
The direction of the game is disturbing.
I am getting tired of it.
Fix your damn trade system.
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The Headhunter train officially left the station. RIP.
just for me or inspired learn is taking all the buffs with 20s and doesn't let the HH take, if you take the IL the HH takes all the buffs with 60s....
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Have any of you tried out the changes before making these comments?

It is literally permanent self-curse they gave us.


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