3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

This is pathetic, shame on you GGG. Weeks of waiting just to not change what's terrible about HH at all. It doesn't feel like you guys listen to the community in any way.
nah, honestly that doesnt fix HH at all, make the mods stack... come on man
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I imagine this memory change has a consequence of putting more Voodoo Dolls in our maps?

IGN: Nano
Is this an out of season April fools joke?
I swear, balancing decisions based on Twitter polls would be a better option at this point.
Do you play path of exile GGG ?
i think the probleme is not the duration of buff juste the new mod acquired by the hh befor nemesis are more stronger than archnemesis that all
No change for inspired learning? :/
AntsGod wrote:
What about inspired learning? Why not extend it to 60 seconds as well?

Why do you always do half a job?

Because they like pissing off players and telling them to go **** off, it's now their MOTO.

I sincerely regret having spent that much on that company. Now to see how they would treat me like this down the line, it is utterly ridiculous, it's even laughable.
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Players: Please fix Headhunter. Echoist and Shroudwalker make most dash skills and other primary skills unplayable.

GGG: Boy have we got the fix for you! Now you get all that for 3 times as long!
pls dowlord Path Of Exile and play ok?

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