3.18.0c Patch Notes

hello remove immunity ggg
People have been banging on pots and pans that on death effects are horrible choice that punishes players for killing monsters, the fact we now have even more on death ground effects is just a middle finger to the playerbase.
Who is responsible for the playtesting? Who put frozen ground cold DOT on magic packs, then filled things like Incursion and Apex of sacrifice with these mobs?

And every time you harp about "slowing down the game" the only thing you actually DO is introducing more content that can only be done by applying extreme dps (Maven bricking arena with ground effects if you don't hit the dps needed to phase it fast enough, now Uber Elder upgraded fight leaving permanent ground effects, again, bricking arena if you can't phase the boss fast enough, now Uber Sirus ground degen bricking the arena making it impossible to defend, now Seething chyme fight ground effects stripping defenses away if you're not fast enough). You're not making ANY content that would allow the players to slow down, you're forcing the speed up, then punishing the players for playing speed meta by introducing ground/on death effects.
Now with league content spewing rares and AN modded magic packs at you (while most are also timed to further force players to play speed meta while harping about slowing the game down- looking at incursion and Legion here as biggest offenders), the need to have overwhelming amount of damage because it's impossible to defend against the onslaught is greater than ever. Which means players are further pushed into playing meta builds that are known for their insane damage.

just admit AN is a bad decision and remove it from the core geeeeez
Please just remove Immunity <3
"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
hello remove immunity ggg
Hey GGG,

pretty much inactive in forums but I really wanted you to know, that I don't enjoy this league as much as other leagues.

I like, that you're always trying to add something new to the formula, but maybe AN-Modifiers aren't the right way to achieve what you're trying to do.

Maybe there are alternatives.

At least take immunity out of Incursion. It doesn’t make sense losing the timer for that.
Good Luck, Exile.
remove immunity please....but otherwise good patch

I don't post often but I do love the game
hello remove immunity ggg
how many leagues does it take before you realize archnemesis is a mistake?
You have already killed more than half of the builds in the game, but now the part of the builds that did not survive well due to past patches is also being cut off. Now I have to choose among builds that are not interesting to me in order to somehow play the game. I'm not talking about newcomers to the game...

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