We're launching a Talent Competition themed around any content introduced in the Siege of the Atlas expansion! Your talent could be fan art, poems, videos, cosplay, baking, crafts and anything you excel in! As usual, we have prepared an awesome prize pool that includes Path of Exile merchandise and in-game microtransactions.


Top Three Winners
  • Signed Path of Exile Art Book
  • Signed Path of Exile Art Print
  • Signed Path of Exile Comic
  • Cloth Map of Wraeclast
  • Your choice of two Path of Exile T-shirts - (Chaos Orb, Shaper or Untainted Paradise)*
  • Foam Exalted Orb
  • Your choice of an Armour Set (an Armour Set from the list below)
  • Your choice of a Weapon Effect (a Weapon Effect from the list below)
  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

4-5th Place
  • Signed Path of Exile Art Book
  • Your choice of one Path of Exile T-shirt - (Chaos Orb, Shaper or Untainted Paradise)
  • Foam Exalted Orb
  • Your choice of an Armour Set (an Armour Set from the list below)
  • Your choice of a Weapon Effect (a Weapon Effect from the list below)
  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

6-10th Place
  • Your choice of one Path of Exile T-shirt - (Chaos Orb, Shaper or Untainted Paradise)
  • Foam Exalted Orb
  • Your choice of a Weapon Effect (a Weapon Effect from the list below)
  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

11-20th Place
  • Foam Exalted Orb
  • Your choice of a Weapon Effect (a Weapon Effect from the list below)

  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

*Please note that T-shirt style is subject to size availability and may be substituted for a T-shirt in another style. In this scenario, we will work with you to meet your preferences.

Microtransaction Prize Pool

How to Enter

Just post your submission to this thread to be entered into the competition. It's ideal if your content is easy to consume. A general guide for this is that your submission should take no longer than three minutes to read, listen to or view. It's permitted to post content that is longer than three minutes but in some cases it may put your submission at a disadvantage if it's significantly difficult to engage with your content.

The winning submissions will be selected based the following criteria:
  • How skillfully your talent has been executed
  • How true it remains to the theme of Path of Exile
  • How compelling or entertaining the submission is


  • The competition will run from the time of this post until Monday the 28th of March at 5pm NZT (27th of March at 9pm PDT). Submissions made after this time will not be counted. We'll post the winners sometime in the following days.
  • Any work that is submitted must be your own and must be created after the launch of this competition.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome.
  • If you want to create a montage or mash-up of other artists' work or videos, this is permitted as long as it follows all legal guidelines of fair use standards.

Best of luck to everyone who is participating in the competition!
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Good luck
Wohooo, count me in!

EDIT: Almost didn't make it! Gosh, remind me to start a week earlier next time, okay?

The idea for this artwork was fairly simple: With Prophecy no longer a thing in Siege of the Atlas (and Zana seemingly gone MIA too), I hope that:
1. Navali gets to enjoy her retirement to the fullest.
2. The Mother of Death finally leaves her be, poor woman has been through 21 leagues since she was introduced!
3. The Faun will stop harrasing her (yes, I turned the Faun into a plushie just for giggles).

Lastly, my headcanon is that Zana drops by now and then for tea and some quiet time between missions.

ps. See if you can spot the toucan! :D

Link to the full-size version: HERE!
My fanworks thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2868617
My hideout showcase thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3077898

AI "art" isn't art, it's theft.
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gl all <3
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Good luck to all participants!

And here's my entry:

The "funny" animator dude on youtube.
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hahah my Atziri Limmerick
Pacifist Templar

Story of the Painting
"Exiled to the Wraeclast, just like all other prisoners. Opened my eyes on the coast. I was trying to think about my next move but my inner voice echoed in my head for minutes. 'I remember this place! I was here before!'. The voice confused me, I thought I was having some kind of a brain trauma. There was a weapon on the ground and 2 other man next to me. Didn't pick the weapon because of the voice, it said again and again 'just run, don't touch to the mortal's weapons and these 2 man', I trusted to my inner voice.

I was trying to stay sane after seeing all these walking dead around me. My inner voice was gone when I saw the gate, instead, I now had so many memories which belongs to a past that I never experienced by myself. I felt like my brain was replicating some religious cliche story of the Templars. I saw Hillock; learned his name after he died by the flames of the Goddess. He was punished by his sword for hitting me. He burned me and himself but my will was stronger.

As you can see, I didn't kill him. Purity of my soul didn't left me. They exiled me because of that. They told me that the God's ways may be complicated. Little did they know, they were the ones who is being judged. Their essence is the reason behind of all this violence and suffering.

I saw one of my children at my second day in the Lioneye's Watch. He was practicing on a dummy with 2 long sticks. The other one on the fourth day, this one somehow had his own dagger. I felt a very deep connection with them. Something about them reminded me my own two sided character. In time, I educated them. I gave them their own inner voices. Until the beginning of our big journey, until they remember the memories of their Kan like me.

The boys were hungry for vengeance just like all other exiles before them. First I watched them while killing the Brutus. It was the little one who killed the Brute by stabbing his dagger to the monster's heart. They killed so many monsters together for months since we started to our journey and that moment was the first time I see happiness in his eyes. After that, the other one, was so happy to kill the Merveil in her cave. I understand their nature, I don't judge them. My way of teaching will be different than the others. They will judge themselves as Gods.

Piety did a perfect job for showing my boys how cruel they're. I remember the moment when they look at each other with bloody hands. They were shaking, having a mental breakdown. I pulled them and pushed out.

When they killed Dominus they just walked away like some automatons. At this moment, I, an old man didn't stop my tears. At this moment, I, felt this mask on my head. The mask of Purity, the famous mask of the old Templar tales. The boys were stunned by the links coming out of my hands. Red for the little one, I felt hunger. Green for the other, I felt thirsty. I felt their souls.

Here we are sitting with the Kitava's head. We are not proud of ourselves as we know that we didn't fixed the source. The essence of the reality stays the same.

Dreams came to us. Endless dreams. This is the place where we were visiting other ratios. I tried every single way to find the perfect ratio for years. Boys killed many Godlike foes, shapers, world eaters. I understand now, after all the things we experienced, my perfection was existential, a part of the much bigger body. I was the one who never really existed, the color that your eyes are creating because of the lack of something. Not the champion of anybody, an anomaly which is known by a few.

I'm now at the deepest spot of the mountain of dreams with my boys. The perfect ratio which can be visited by all exiles. Always changing, never same, but the essence's ratio is perfect. I invite you here, to the House of the Pure. Not divine, not chosen, pure. I invite you to drop your weapons and surrender. Because your essence is creating your path, journey, allies and enemies. It's time to change your savage essence, come join us."

I created the story of this "Pacifist Pure Templar" concept with the idea of "non-violence" rpg experience which seems impossible at this point. Because we, human kind, is nothing but some savage organic creatures. Humans still mass murdering each other at this century for "reasons". We are playing games with all this violence and talking about peace or future like some little clowns.

Educating generations with these games, showing them our idea of the hero who has no other path than the violent one. Imposing our lack of understanding every second to each other. The pure ones, pacifist characters never had their own movies or games. They have no throne, no crown. Their ways are, ironically, way more complex than their creator's.

This game's community will probably find these edgy, I'm sorry for that. Good luck to you all in your life. Have fun with your suffering, until you change your essence. Until you choose starving instead of eating corpses and drinking oils of the past. There is no turning back now.
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Excited to enter this!
Maybe this is the year I do my interruptive dance

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