Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Launches Soon

“Fear not the man who lusts. Fear not the man who hates. Fear the man who feels nothing at all."

- Rigwald, the Wolven King
Sweet! Uploaded 1.66TB on the last one, imagine I'll break that with this one since big expansion.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!
Who here downloads the GGPK file, and has it ever caused problems for you?
Thinking about getting that instead of downloading from the client when I wake up.
good luck for who want play the p2w korean mmo (such a s..t game)

hope this league goes well without twice enchanted, fated connections and with less awakened gems
could at least give back the enchanted fossil
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Any chance the Flask and Gem tabs will be available before launch to setup them in standard etc so that its all organised before league launch?
SeeyaLaterZana xd
Going to seed at 120MB/s until Critical Role time, hopefully that helps.
Bad Seed
I'm hyped, really looking forward for the new and way less clunky atlas and endgame experience!

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