Path of Exile: Archnemesis Challenge Rewards

Honestly, the wings look as though they were rejected at quality control. If quality control actually existed at GGG. Give me like 10 mins with those wings in Zbrush and I could make a master piece.
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I was never get all reward previous leagues. I want these reward
I think sleep less :D
ginstgermain wrote:
the rewards keep getting worse and worse each league, character effects are meh, the only decent thing are the wings imho, when are we getting more portals or hideouts or pets again as league rewards or league specific armor would be incredible even if you had different armor pieces available for each reward like helmet, gloves, boots, and with the body armor, maybe throw in a weapon skin so you could get a league specific full gearing of the character

How about supporting the developer with money for giving you a game with an enormous amount of free content where the only thing that costs money is a little qol (tabs) and cosmetics? No? Okay then continue complaining about free cosmetics too.
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WOW! All of these look amazing! Great job! I'll do my best to get all of them, very hyped for this league!
Those fire and priismatic effects looks really good, I have to do 38 challenges :(
My first 38 challenges league? D:

Although i was hoping for new HO(as we got one year ago in Ritual), i like the actual rewards too.
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I love the weapon skins and lightning effect - please can sb tell me if it stays for after the league? And - from among those weapon skins, do I have to choose to keep one or can I have all and again - keep for after the league?
You keep everything you earned with challenges (you dont chose, you just earn all by doing enough challenges) and you can use those effects even after league ends.
god god
MuckaBoiUK wrote:
lolu wrote:
the wings look awful, and the prismatic char effect is tooooooo much, less is more? [Removed by Support] seriously ... better give a nice cape lol than those stiff wings

100% agree. but i just hate wings. thing they look dumb

guess its not just me :))

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