[3.17] Spectral Helix/Rage Vortex Berserker

are there any ideal swords to buy on the way to endgame?
path of bulding is just a webpage with no download or in browser paste option. this all should be less counter intuitive. how do you get the use of this dogshit website pob?

i hate this game, I still don't kmnow what you mean look closer at the op, there is no like 1-30 skill tree anywhere on this forum

this looks like a really cool website if only there was a way to get the interface shown in the pictures!!!!!!

Dude, I'm trying to help but you're acting obstinate. I'm not even the build creator so lay off the temperamental attitude please.

There is literally a section in the original post (OP), on the very first page, that is labeled "Leveling" -- it's fairly obvious & not our fault you're struggling to find it. It's a small section but outlines what gems to use as you level.

You download the Path of Building software from the site then plug the link into it (there's plenty of tutorials if you cared to look). You have some homework to do, that's not anyone's responsibility but your own. If you don't like the game I'm not sure why you're choosing to struggle with this anyhow.
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WarPig17 wrote:
Noticed a couple things scuffed w/ the 2h Physical POB for anyone giving it a go:

I) Correct me if I'm wrong (assuming OP checks this), but we actually need to put 4-points into the Fleet Foot & Grace Mastery wheel to be able to run all four auras at once? It also seems advisable to change Reservation Mastery 'Increased Effect of Auras' to 'Increase Efficiency 15%' so that we have the mana necessary to cast Assassins Mark

II) Speaking of Assassins Mark, the POB says link it w/ Hextouch, but you actually need to link it w/ Mark on Hit support (and you'll need about 50 unreserved mana to cast it)

In my 90's now, the build continues to be enjoyable, thanks again for the guide.

Use lifetapsupport to cover the mana issue from mark on hit + sinx mark.
Use lifetapsupport to cover the mana issue from mark on hit + sinx mark.

Yup, thanks. OP also pointed me in a similar direction but I'm still just running the old setup w/ lower precision because it works well enough & I'm lazy :)

I'm still playing & having fun w/ the build. I've probably invested another 6-7ex to make it feel more robust vs. very mob dense maps and ended up with the setup below. It feels quite strong now that I'm at max spell suppression, over 40k armor when flasking, big molten shell buff, 5k life, some life recoup, and 70% evade (not pictured is Corrupted Blood Watcher's Eye w/ Grace Suppression Mod):

I have been banking for a couple chase items for another character so I haven't had currency to try The Feared just yet but I will sooner than later. Thanks again for the guide.

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