Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Gem Information

hi GGG
Where Atlas Tree
New formatting to display the differences? Love it
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Free 50% aura on bosses o/ (using focus or vaal clarity). Noice.
Chima wrote:
Thanks GGG; but aren't you supposed to be on holiday today? :)

it's Monday morning in NZ.
stop nerfing support gems ffs
coc rip ✞
impulze3 wrote:
the unleash nerf is insane. blade vortex is unplayable without unleash and idk if the base damage buff can compensate for 20% less damage.
ade vortex is not affected by unleash less damage multiplier because it does not repeat. This has been specifically clarified by mark_GGG
blade vortex is still unplayable
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