Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Gem Information

CoC Ice Spear Occultist is nerfed?I see that coc damage is nerfed by 40% but the ice spear base damage is huge buffed.

I think it's hard to say without doing the math - if CoC/CWC weren't nerfed they would be insanely strong. If I were to hazard a guess, a 40% nerf to CoC and a 40% buff to Ice Spear and every other relevant skill means it's probably just fine.
So Seismic Trap didn't get changes as noted in patch notes? Sweet!
at0mic109 wrote:
Am I blind? Where is the seismic trap changes?

Top secret. How dare you inquire about changes. You are not the type of player GGG is looking for.
i don't know if anyone cares, but i never complain, please buff BladeFlurry i love it, i wanna play it again :D thanks

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