Prophecy Removal in 3.17.0

What's the best way to burn through a few thousand silver coins before they are removed?

Try rolling for 'fated connections'?

Any others worth going for?

What about Doomfletch ?

=.= Pls ignore my old threads (more than 1 month ago) =.=
I don't like this change :( navalli was a kinda cool character and prophecies were fun to have around
Dammit... Just started to get into this whole prophecy aspect of the game and I thought after the last update a bug was introduced as my silver coins started disappearing. I even went on one of the forums and complained about it, LOL...

Sad to see it go. Wish they could have given us something for the saved up silver coins. Maybe an exchange for other in game items? One can hope, eh?
Really sad to see Navali go, probably my favourite NPC. And the prophecy mechanic itself was cool and made quite some stuff tradeable in an easy way.
And the fated items... Built my first lvl 100 character around Kaltensoul, so that will always have a place in my heart.
But it is what it is. I hope we can at least keep Navali in our hideout, like the Forsaken Masters.
Could you really not come up with SOME kind of conversion of leftover prophecies? At least the really good ones? Ok, most were barely worth a wisdom scroll at best, but a few were real prizes, especially to casual players who just don't have the time to farm and trade all day long.

By the way "casual player" doesn't mean what it used to. I've spent far, far more on this game than most others I own, combined, and I even have several physical goodies to prove it. I've been playing since just before Foreskin Masters. And in all that time, while you naturally favor the hardcore fanbase - as you should (I WISH real life afforded me the time and dedication to be called that) - there's never really been a change, until this one, that literally sounded like "screw the casual players." And I'll remember that next time I have some extra splurge money. Guess maybe I'll upgrade my car's stereo instead of my templar's pet chicken (actually I was considering a nice armor bundle soon as I finish selling off my old house - note: "was").

Actually wait, back up. What do you mean Prophecy was "dated"??? In a game where you stick a sapphire up your arse, and now you can simultaneously burn and freeze goats, gods, goat-gods, and god-goats, something as commonplace to literally any storyline even remotely involving magic as a "prophecy" is "dated"? Have y'all been growing your weed too close to your mushrooms or something?

Amazing job yet again... Was planning on using Fox's fortune in an ancestral totem build for the phys, movement speed and converting it to armor. You guys are morons.
Is it possible to chance fated unique now?

well, just finding ways so that i can add influence to fated unique =/
WTF is wrong with you guys?

.....You guys are "fixing" prophecy instead of literally anything else?

Removing essential Uniques, Like What the actual F****.

Boring? By whose standards?

Alot of those items were build enabling or had special effects that nobody found a way around yet

The ones that weren't strong had nice concept but just needed a buff.

Also the prophecy for making six links was ussually cheaper than any other method and reliable..... So now, new players have to suffer not being able to get good gear without paying an arm or leg.

..... what this post really says is "We want this mechanic and all the items removed, not because we care about our player base. But because of our own selfish desires, or we found something broken and are to lazy to fix it"

I recently recommended this game to my friend, but I might need to re-think that.

This is coming from a player that spends a lot of money on the game, so keep pissing off your player base people that spend money on your game will slowly start leaving for other alternatives.
No Jeweller's touch nor Fated connections in Archenemesis.

[Removed by Support]

Deep regret giving you money, when i see you delete things.

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