Prophecy Removal in 3.17.0

What about Twice enchanced? Trash to treasure?
I will NOT see you again

F Navali, we are going to miss you
Gems in hideout :O

What to do with all of those silver coins now..
Hey let us keep all fated uniques!
I really like the Realmender :(
Please use for your guides instead of pastebin!
Remove Ritual next please, ty. It's not rewarding.

Replace it with Ultimatum (or an improved version), ty.
>We’re adding Lilly Roth as a new possible hideout NPC. She will take over hideout divination card turn-ins from Navali, and also give you access to her gem shop.

please leave navali alone!! i love her character so much i'd be really sad to see her go :( plus she's one of the few black characters in the game and she has a cool voice, both of those are super valuable to me
Very sad for Master seek help Jun or even lost maps :(

we will miss you all
Removing good uniques like Gryphon, fun prophecys like tempests rats frogs riches and many others when talismans exist?
Same as perandus prophecy for sure not the worst ligue mechanic.
Really dont get it.

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