ExileCon Merchandise Mystery Bags Still Available

The only paying option is credit card, so keep that in mind if you want to buy a box :(

rly? why not add more options?
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No wonder hardly anyone buys it after 2 years and probably in the next 2.

Interesting merch parts are already sold and the remaining leftovers are not interesting enough to warrant this RL lootbox thingy.

I would suggest you put most of it on ebay for a lower price so you get at least some $ and gift the plushies maybe to daycare/similar.
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I ordered one of these back in June, and got it in July. I wound up with:

  • a foam Exalted Orb (wanted that!)
  • an Untainted Paradise shirt (initially I was indifferent, but I'm liking this shirt more and more all the time)
  • a sand spitter plushie (kinda wanted; glad I have it)
  • a "Corrupted" sticker (wanted that, even if it falls under the "a bit too good to use" category)
  • a Wraeclast cloth map (indifferent)
  • a Lunaris vs Solaris shirt (too dorky even for me)

I would definitely get another one, in hopes of getting a Vaal Orb tee, a Chaos tee (although I'd like to see what that looks like first), and/or the Celestial Cat socks. Things are a bit tight at the moment, so not just yet.

It's been a while, so I don't recall the payment specifics, but even if they do only accept credit cards, debit cards tend to work the same way (in the States, anyway; I can't speak for the rest of the world).
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I wish customer support would be better, I paid for mystery box and no one mail me back after few emails and pms! What's wrong with you?
I would buy myself into the poorhouse if your merch was for actual sale.
But I am not doing that whole supporter pack scheme and/or this.
you could have sold half a million tshirts by now at a premium... Instead you shipped how many logo thsirts with supporter packs?

I would pay royalties to print league logos on t-shirts and sell those etc.!

And this whole idea that we wont get another exilecon because they got stuck with some plushies.
Please.. You win some and you loose some in business, customers are not hostages to a business's bad decisions.
That is a ridiculous notion!
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kiwi69a wrote:
Exile009 wrote:
WhiteDragonRU wrote:
This f@#$%^ real life loot box still a thing? Just let me buy plushie, not random one, exact one I want!

If they did that, they'd just be left with a bunch of dud merch that no one wants and so they'd never be able to get rid of.

Anyway, I can definitely tell that GGG are gonna be mighty hesitant to ever run Exilecon again at this rate. It's been 2 years and they're apparently still struggling to get rid of all the remaining merch lol!

Not sure if you know they couldn't host it in NZ not within the next 6 months anyway.

NZ's borders are closed to non-citizens of NZ, have been for over a year and will be until April/May next year even then there is some conditions (this was only announced in NZ this week).

Because digital conventions are impossible too, eh?
Must be so hard to put your heart into something and people only complaint. It's fluff merch just like the fluff purchases in game, you buy it if you like the game or the idea or you don't, nobody ever will force you, how can it be a cash grab?

"cash grab
1 English
1.1 Alternative forms
1.2 Noun
1.2.1 Translations
Alternative forms
cash grab (plural cash grabs)
(derogatory) A product designed primarily or solely with the intent of generating profits or money.
(politics) Legislation that serves primarily the purpose of generating revenue.
An activity engaged in with the intention of making money quickly.
The money generated by a cash grab.
A game in which players attempt to grab as much money as possible. "

I see original quality product with an unconventional way to not end up with all of it, where exactly are people seeing cash grab?
The plushies are cool, just wish they were not in IRL mystery box.
I just went to buy the Exalted Orb...maybe buy in next time.
there are a few things in the bundles that i like but there scattered in multiple bundles if you would sell them individual or let us pick a couple things to make our own bundle i would totally buy it

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