New Microtransactions: Divine, Demonic, Ghostflame and Lightning Stygian Armour Sets

Exile009 wrote:
Overpriced recolours is an interesting hill to (not) dye on.

I just picked up Outriders for less than one of these. Like. The whole game. I heard the devs have been quietly rectifying the launch woes and just released a free mini expansion.

Part of that expansion? Free. Unlimited. Skin. Transfers.

Uh, yes please.

On an unrelated note, have you been reconsidering your Reddit name in light of what league we're currently in? Makes you sound like a fan of it, which I highly doubt you are.

As I said elsewhere, I picked that word very carefully as a self-given title for the most immature, edgy, overblown facet of Charan. He's an unproven little bully calling himself The Scourge the same way kids put on capes and call themselves Superman and if the reader doesn't roll their eyes at all of it I've failed on a pretty basic level.

It's just such a cliched power fantasy term!

As for why it's my reddit name, I wanted something generic and was surprised to find it untaken. Yoink.
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Newwby wrote:
Love recolours (more for skill effects especially, really helps with the vibe of certain characters once you choose an armour set etc) though not having any kind of bundle option like the Ethercraft stuff hurts these armour sets.

Obligatory mention of the prices too... the majority of MTX in this game is just insanely priced. $42 per armour set, when each is a recolour. Recolours should be cheaper than other armour sets really.

Plus one to this.
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