New Microtransactions: Divine, Demonic, Ghostflame and Lightning Stygian Armour Sets

The ghostflame set is disappointing. It looks closer to being an abyss set than ghostflame.
These are the things we lost in the fire.
so are we also getting the recolour of the wings and effects?
Overpriced recolours is an interesting hill to (not) dye on.

I just picked up Outriders for less than one of these. Like. The whole game. I heard the devs have been quietly rectifying the launch woes and just released a free mini expansion.

Part of that expansion? Free. Unlimited. Skin. Transfers.

Uh, yes please.
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You promised in PoE2 that we would be able to change the colors ourselves.
And now you are selling the same armor sets, only in different colors.
At the same time requesting the full price for each of them!

What the F, GGG?
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I feel betrayed
GGG dont have a gun at our heads.

We can moan and whine about this mtx all day long, or just vote with our wallets.
Molochmane wrote:
just need chain aura mtx and a motor bike automaton.

They already have a chain aura with the Suffering Character Effect. :D
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Recolours at full price feels really bad.
The 1st one we buy in a serie should be full price and then subsequent recoloured MTX of that serie should be only a small percentage of the full price IMO
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I think ggg are not connected to reality of the game and are clearly not in line with players expectations.. Leave alone the fact that gake falling apart and feels like xxxx they find it right to sell recolor sets for full price while any other game allow to recolor mtx for free
Nice !
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