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Doesn't everyone ask for this for any Director role? So how is one supposed to get experience as an Art Director, if you need to already have experience as an Art Director in order to be hired to be an Art Director? Uhh...

By being good at your job so you get promoted within the company.
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Now Hiring: UI, Visibility, and Ergonomics Engineer


--Normal visual acuity and full colour vision; or a fully characterized visual, peripheral mechanical, hearing, or oculoreflexive disability
--Familiarity with common end-user adaptive technologies for visual impairment and colourblindness, mechanical hand strain/RSI, back problems, hearing impairment, or photoreactive seizures/migraine
--Background in product safety and consumer product review processes


--Experience playing a variety of MMOs and ARPGs on a variety of input devices, especially if you have a disability
--Experience writing software for adaptive technologies and end-user quality assurance
--Familiarity with the medico-legal issues surrounding repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and screen clutter, flash-induced or SFX-induced seizures, and other consequences of faulty or negligent UI and product design.

--Job Description:

--Quality control pass of all aspects of gameplay, from art/animation to expected mechanical input devices, specifically with end user health and safety in mind
--Create and manage full code support for a variety of input devices for playing PoE on common platforms: including cross-adaptive controllers or keyboards or touch screens applied by the end user.
--Create and implement an internal ethical framework for each step of GGG's design pipeline. E.g. embrace maximal visibility of important game state data, support intelligent game mechanics that embrace macros as adaptive aids to reach a larger audience rather than trying to punish users for theoretical access to logout macro.
--Initiate and gather feedback for a suite of player-controlled in-game tools to reduce polygons, bloom, particles/fog, and frame density for world graphical properties. If it turns out players on smaller devices or who have lower end computers or visual flash sensitivity need these and use them, maintain these as viable functioning tools throughout.

nerfysnacks (16:25:24) Perandub [sic] got sent up for tax evasion
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