Grinding Gear Games is Hiring!

If you need a new moderator for Global 1 I'm free and don't charge much. You really need it.
No position as "hobo-looking fatty we pay to not send us videos of him singing in the shower"??
I'd be absolutely perfect for that.
3 ex for hire?
rheena wrote:
Yeenaa wrote:
Customer service position when? :(
Good luck!

There is already someone to delete negative reviews on fórum, isn't that enough?

y562565 wrote:
how about opening in balance and testing 😂😂

Lol, why? Testing is waste of money in game dev, so a lot of companies are not hiring QA, so relax. Developers are testing own features on dev branches by themselves, that's all.
Guys you need to hire testers because we are tired to be them...
Exile009 wrote:
10 years experience in games development with 3 years as an Art Director

Doesn't everyone ask for this for any Director role? So how is one supposed to get experience as an Art Director, if you need to already have experience as an Art Director in order to be hired to be an Art Director? Uhh...

Internal promotion usually
I want my monthly salary to be in mirrors
I wish I could apply to C++ position! But unfortunately I don't line in New Zealand or Australia, hope GGG will open relocation service soon!
TreeOfDead wrote:

GGG pls for god sake take more ppl for balance team! balance super important!

Balance team is important, Please consider this
thx mr who asks2much for his crafts <3

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