Grinding Gear Games is Hiring!

pls hire the filter guy and Jousis pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
where are manual QAs and other testers?) Oh, wait, you have players for it )
I am good in installing operating system :D
Nice, goodluck!
gf read me the headline of ggg looking for a art director, i understood "orb collector" and just went overly excited. damn!

i wonder wether i would pass that one hour c++ test:

while(oneHourInSeconds-- > 0) { vio.grabLoots(); sleep(1000); }
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
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shghostell wrote:
hiring Art Director? what happened to Erik?

My thoughts exactly!
The Rusty Shack!
My Resume

13 years Diablo II LoD with 8 years strong

A badass MTG player that laughs at 7v1 chaos games

5ish+ years of PoE

Critical Think Tanker

Knows what works and doesn't as a player

FF-FFX experience

3 years tanking in MLBB

Star Craft (I-II) and War Craft (I-III) badass

Loves to play RISK and whooped some ass in Halo II

P.S. Designed a Board game with the whole shibbang, whoops some ass in chess, have a general knowledge of game development, and future partner of GGG
TreeOfDead wrote:

GGG pls for god sake take more ppl for balance team! balance super important!

This is like the staff for PoE 2, and not for band aid fixes this league or next leagues to come.
Good luck, GGG!
Hire me as CEO, i'll fire you all to make POE great again !!!!

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