3.16.0d Hotfix

really? REALLY???
Yeah, no pvp characters anymore and now u nerf this. It's just saying "yeah bitch, no easy solutions for you, you need to suffer"
Jeff, you will always be remembered.

I'm assuming there were some hidden bugs related to socketing unallocated jewels but I urge you to reconsider this as a feature for Timeless Jewels.
this is incredibly disappointing season as whole, i cant even get to end game things in this season so i doubt 3.17 will have anything for me, maybe ill come back next year some time.
skills Needs Rework:
LINK GEMS: problem: the links are tempary, making them dead on a rival.

please make zombie cheerleaders as mtx
this was bug and not QoL feature? :/
Good, you fixed it !

Now get the QOL back without any bugs/interactions, you know just.. a nice Qol for us to preview the jewels. This league had alot of Qol but I hope is not because of 3.15 and a fail scourge league.. right ? right ?

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