Power Charge on Crit

It does, if you get a Power Charge.
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I want to know what kind of interaction this gem has with the Romira's Banquet unique ring. The ring makes you lose all power charges when you crit.

Will Power charge on crit make you gain a power charge AFTER the Romira's proc or BEFORE the Romira's proc?

If after, you will be left with 1 power charge even if you crit (if you had 3 you lose all 3 and gain 1). If before, then you gain the power charge from the gem proc and immediately lose it with the Romira's Proc.
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Anyone know?
Gyeff // Greff // Gyaff
geffreyy wrote:
Anyone know?

just test it. Take power charge on non crit, and lose ALL charges on crit and 0 charges. So first PCoC, then Romira ring proc.
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Gem could need a secondary effect.
Very outdated skill in the meta. Wish it gave some semblance of damage when used in a main 6L setup.

Very much needs a secondary effect.
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I think this support should also have a +1 to power charge

Or mod
Supported Skills deal 4% more Damage per Power Charge

should be increased to 5%/6% per charge maybe.

Would make it way more interesting to be used as a support.

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