Power Charge on Crit

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Fingers crossed for perpetual power charge crit discharge.
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Museifu wrote:
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wow mana cost multi is really low :D
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At low level the chance to get charges is terrible, after leveling the gem it turns decent.
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This gem if amazing with Ice Spear <3 after getting power charge passives after patch I am doing around 400 more dps.
I love how this is the only thread title with the gem name abbreviated.

Critical -> Crit

Then again I'm the one who are obsessed with crit in the first place. Keep up the good works GGG, you guys sure had a busy day today.

Unviable build tester.
Fuse mechanics:
95% Crit Build Without Charges [0.10.1c]:
What is the chance on higher levels?
ARKANOiiDe wrote:
What is the chance on higher levels?

+1% chance per level.
* Cheers from Argentina, the land of ping and packet loss *


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I played around a bit with big monkeypacks and whirlingblades of around 30% critchance trying to figure out how this exactly worked.

From what I gathered it would seem as with power siphon you cannot get more than 1 charge per cast/attack (lmp power siphon can only grant 1 charge even if it kills multiple enemies). But what I'm more interested in is that is the chance rolled "per hit" or "per cast"

In other words if I hit 10 enemies with one crit-WB would my chance of getting power charge out of it be higher?

Ok tested a bit more with slower moving enemies.
I counted 25 critical strikes while hitting 4 enemies on average.
18/25 casts did grant me powercharge so either I have incredible luck or chance to gain charge is rolled per hit. Please correct me if this isn't the case
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