It's been one week since we launched Path of Exile: Scourge! In addition to the What We're Working On post we described yesterday, we wanted to share what's changing about Scourge's rewards in today's patch.

It is too difficult to create enough Scourged Maps to engage with the content as much as players wanted to.

Maps now require approximately 50% less corruption to be transformed. This means that at some map/Scourge tiers, it should now be possible to chain Scourged Maps back to back.

There is not enough incentive for facing the difficulty of staying inside the Nightmare for extended periods of time.

We have doubled the item quantity and item rarity bonuses granted by the Exposed to Corruption debuff and have removed diminishing returns from it.

Scourged Maps are not rewarding enough in proportion to the level of risk they pose.

Increase the rewards from Scourged Maps.

  • Scourged Maps can no longer generate the following modifiers: Item Quantity, Item Rarity, Pack Size, and Experience.
  • Existing maps with these modifiers will retain them and can be upgraded as normal.
  • Scourged Maps can still get the +X Additional Item Types from Rare Scourge Monsters modifiers. Due to the absence of the other modifiers, these modifiers have become a lot more common, dramatically increasing the rewards from Scourged Maps.
  • Scourged Map modifiers that cause Rare Scourge Monsters to drop additional currency items now drop two additional (up from one) currency items.

It's too difficult to find powerful pre-Scourged Items (which drop occasionally while inside the Nightmare).

Dramatically increase the tier of Scourged Modifiers you find on pre-scourged items, especially while in Maps. For example, you'll now find approximately twice as many Tier 3 Scourged Items as before in maps.

The above solutions will be deployed in a patch today. We are also working on another upcoming improvement that we'll deploy next week.

Scourged items will no longer be able to generate downsides that would directly counteract their upside. For example, an item with "Added Physical Damage" will not be able to generate "Deal no Physical Damage" as a downside.
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Thanks for listening. :)

This format can feel a bit weird and forced tbh, though.
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I'm not 'Sarno' on Discord. I don't know who that is.
If quin sees this vi von ZULUL fat lol
sweet thank you
wow nice
Thank you ggg! Amazing changes.
Everyone knew it was coming. Glad they arent overdoing it.
thank fucking god, it has been about 4-5 maps in a row where i get experience gained from scourge, i just ran them at T1 because they are gonna be fucking pain later on for basically nothing

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