3.16.0 Hotfix 5

so much for aspirational content
wouldn't really call this one a fix.
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So the most awesome part of the entire league was a bug, and instead of taking it and being like "oh yeah that was totally intended, look at us coming up with a really cool idea that EVERYONE likes", we'll just remove it. Don't do this GGG, come on now.

Wake up,Chris...
You obosralsya.
This makes me sad, as it seemed like a good way to keep myself interested.

GGG: many of the blood crucible text needs to be changed so it mentions what quality it works on. Some don't specify and they do work on uniques, while some don't specify and they don't work no uniques.

overall though .... QQ

I understand that it could lead to some unpredictably broken items, but still sad it's being removed. It could've been such an interesting feature to waste my time on.
Scourge modifiers itself even with leveled up passives aren't that exciting on their own due to insanely low weighting for good ones, with even lower chance on getting something barely useful due to how strong downside mods are at high tier.

btw, drops from scourge monsters feels worse than normal map monsters, even with 150+ more quantity from scourge debuff :|
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0.01% of the some kinda useful league results.. Get screwed!

Now its 100% solid useless league mechanic.
+ No currency drop, like at all. Seems quantity bonus in nightmare is bugged big time. Not working at all.

No maps.
No currency.
Players are so poor, like never been before.
But we have now tons of scrolls, stacked! xD

Idea to GGG: nerf the Heist now. Its the last currency making thing staying. Cmon, its time!
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Actual sadKEK c'mon now
good thing i waited on the pack purchase, guess ill vote with my wallets AGAIN
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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