[3.16] Crit. Staff Cyclone + Stackwave Support, Millions of DPS

More changes in 3.16 - changes setup

Here is the old thread of 3.15: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3166967 - common things are still valid.

My current favorite Skill-Tree (3.16)
Here is the current very passive skilled SKILL tree (POB Community Edition)
With Cyclone and Shockwave, everything on you do about 4Million DPS, but in exchange for the reduced damage - you could have 7-8 Million, maybe more.

Here is a video where I talk for a while about the build(only the minotaur, not the whole map)
Easy Minotaur! - and I am talking about the skill tree
If you have a question just ask!

Current Equipment

other PasteBins and leveling

Here you can find the new Passive Tree - PasteBin:
https://pastebin.com/0Q8gT3i5 (Level 60) (Scourge)
https://pastebin.com/0XQeLMgg (Level 72) (Scourge)

Next, I reduced Life (a bit) and added Block changes due to the changed possibilities.
So now we have a 75% chance to block attack damage and a 40% chance to block spell damage, which feels very comfortable!
https://pastebin.com/DmssfVBp (Level 98)

Scourge Video
- Level 56 - Passive Tree and a few words about the setup

If you like more. I am fine to make more such videos.
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Show us videos of the new league mechanics content. Looks fun
Added a short clip to say a few words about the setup

- Level 56 - Passive Tree and a few words about the setup
Added Pastebin links (POB Community Edition) from Scourge

https://pastebin.com/0Q8gT3i5[/b] (Level 60)
https://pastebin.com/H53i00Ym5[/b] (Level 72)

At level 70 I finished all the Quests and started to play the Altas maps. Most of the time the high life regeneration and a flask were ok. We have a high block attack rate. Recently I added the large cluster jewel with Drive the destruction for life regeneration. Later you should annoite 'Vitality Void'.
Also, I have to achieve the Stormwall staff for much more damage. The next steps are to go to the Safeguard node to also block more spell damage.

Also after this, we have to get the cyclopean coil and the Alpha's Howl for immunities vs. Shock, Ignite, Freeze. For this, we must have a look at the attributes and the items we buy/craft. Intelligence must be higher than Strength. Also, the Alpha's Howl in addition to Enlighten Support makes it possible to use one more Herald (of Purity).

Added Level 73 Showcase - Scourge https://youtu.be/6ejFGpp-d-Y

Finished quest with level 70. Just started revealing the Atlas. Its quite comfortable due to very high life and energy shield regeneration. Damage output could be a bit higher, but that can be improved by better equipment.
Next steps are to buy or get a six link and a Stormwall Staff.

Have Fun!
If you have questions, just write me!
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I really enjoy your build, great job! I am recently playing on standard with it, but I don't feal that It is strong enough against bosses and the clear speed also not that good like on your video. Can you take a look on my character, did I miss something?
Elder kill - video Added

Maybe a better setup (?):

Adding another setup with Starkonja's Head and Purity of elements and a Stygian Vise.

I removed one of the Heralds and Changed the Skill tree to have a bit more Mana Reservation Efficiency.
The Damage goes up again in trade for a bit of block chance.

I will add some more info later and will offer 2 options with more life/block chance and more damage.


One hint: Half the damage is coming from the cyclone and the other half is coming from the Shockwave support. Also at this POB (Community Edition) I enabled the buffs I usually have.

Hey, I'm currently dropping my berserker ice crash, since I can't progress, and honestly, I just don't like the skill anyways.
So before I start leveling anything, is this build budget friendly?
It looks fun, but I'm worried about currency since I used it all up respeccing my no-fun ice crash zerker ;_; ...

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