[3.15] Crit. Staff Cyclone + Stackwave Support, Millions of DPS

Breaking changes in 3.15 also needs a rework of the elemental Cyclone build I offer with the previous versions

You can find the recent setup here (3.14 and older)

You can find the newer setups here (3.16+)

I will not repeat everything here that I already had written in the former threads, so if you like some things more in detail just have a look at these threads.

Most important changes
1) With 3.15 Pious Path no longer offers immunity against ailments when on Consecrated Ground.
2) Common reduction of damage (Support Gems) and increased mana multiplier for support gems
3) Short summary about this build

How to solve
1) To get the immunities back I decided to get different equipment
-> Helmet: Alpha's Howl (Cannot be frozen)
-> Belt: Cyclopean Coil (Cannot be ignited and shocked)
-> Boots: Change enchantment to 20% movement speed & cannot be chilled

2) Change skill support gems.
- Removed: Inspiration Support;
- Added: Shockwave Support.

Here is a Pastebin Skilltree and more (Path of Building Community Edition!): https://pastebin.com/GXYMT7m1

Video on youtube for 3.15:
- Shaper: https://youtu.be/80X4_3xRO_M
- Pit of the Chimera: https://youtu.be/oJqgNYdsKxk
- Forge of the Phoenix: https://youtu.be/32BbJAsMLHk
- Maze of the Minotaur: https://youtu.be/5m_q0T3wZKk

3) Summary:
- 100% physical conversion to elemental and chaos damage
- 100% critical strike chance
- Critical strikes ignore elemental resistances
- Immunity vs Freeze, Shock, Ignite, Chill
- easy Shaper, Elder, Sirus kill
- 3.15 still tons of damage (Cyclone + Shockwave)
- fast clear speed
- 2 Seconds to refill life and energy shield by regeneration and leech

Difficulties and Thoughts

- You have to get a Dexterity from 138-144, depends on the equipment.
- Accuracy must be on at least 2 items to get 3000 (100% hit chance)
- Due to your ascendency you get intelligence as a critical strike chance
- High Life and Energy Shield Regeneration! (1200+)
- High Life Leech/Life gain on hit support (2500+)
- If you have the option take an additional energy shield (energy shield regeneration is the same as life regeneration due to ascendency!)
- not possible to play elemental reflect maps
- shock the shaper :)
- shock and freezes end bosses
- fast clear speed
- High block chance
- be careful of massive poison
- use a medium cluster jewel that has Unwavering Focus for 15% reduced costs of channeling skills - you need to sustain mana.


Most important: You need the Staff for 100% damage conversion


Helmet for immunity vs. freeze, less mana reservation, so we can use also blood and sand and immortal call and COC
you have also an option to use this, but then you have to use a flask for immunity/remove freeze



Cyclopean Coil for Shocked and Ignite immunity. But be aware you have to get higher Intelligence than Strength. For this, I use a Brute Force Solution.

If you like to use flasks here then you can use also a Stygian Vise and a Murderous Eye Jewel. With the second option, you will deal more damage because you do not need (that much) resistance on the Jewels and also do not need the Brute Force Solution. - But you can be shocked and may get occasionally significant more damage.


Cyclone and Shockwave

You can change the blue gem if you like:


(less damage taken but also do not support shockwave)


You can also use another rare armor. Also, Bronn's Lite is a good option for damage but you will miss more hitpoints.



Have a look at your attributes and your resistances


You do not need specific jewelry. Just take damage conversion, elemental damage to attack skills, critical multiplier, Life, and resistances. If you miss some attributes you can also have on the jewelry

Annoit for live leech!


The abyss jewels I choose to have more Energy Shield:

You can also get it without Cluster Jewels:

if you already have enough resistances the best option for damage is:


Skill Tree

you do not necessarelly need the cluster jewels. Also you can skill a bit less Intelligence if you have more intelligence and less strenght on you items.

complete skill tree:

upper part:

lower part:


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up - added equipment and more information.
more showcases coming soon....
Looks neat, I will try and and share feedback.
2 Videos added
- Forge of the Phoenix: https://youtu.be/32BbJAsMLHk
- Shaper: https://youtu.be/80X4_3xRO_M
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Can you include screenshots of tree im on console, ty
- Video: Maze of the Minotaur added (https://youtu.be/5m_q0T3wZKk)
- Jewels added
- Skill tree screen shots and some comments added

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Which pantheons do you prefer with this build, and which ascendancy order do you follow?


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