[3.16] HollyPhantom's Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder


LV 86 Update

POB: https://pastebin.com/t7Fr9kN4


Poisonous concoction is a new unarmed projectile attack poison skill. This is a trade league starter build with a 5 chaos budget. Good defense, offense, speed, and convenience.


- Works with trash gear. Don't need a weapon. Just need good gems, tree, and flasks
- Chaining poison proliferation with 300% increased damage
- Immune or nearly immune to all ele and non-ele ailments
- 50% attack and 50% spell block, lots of evasion
- Speedy from early levels
- Sustain vs bosses from early levels
- Petrified blood + life flasks gives you about 1.3x life pool


- Sustaining flask charges, life, and mana will need tweaking to achieve a good balance
- It's a new skill, so there may be unexpected challenges


LV 86 Update

LV 34 Gameplay

Explaining a few key details, pre-3.16


Planned POB (Multiple build progression trees):


Notice the 2 mastery nodes that are respecced later when you are ready (Life flask charges and claw mastery).

To get the actual DPS, you have to multiply by the number of projectile AOE that hit the enemy.

Early leveling notes:

Use Cobra lash in the beginning (buy from Nessa). Poisonous concoction starts at LV12. The 4 link is PC - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Onslaught - Volley.

Once you pick up the onslaught nodes, the 4 link becomes PC - Volley - Void Manipulation - Lesser Multiple Projectiles. Act 1 Nessa gives/sells you all of these gems.

To sustain life flask charges early on, you must use at least 2 life flasks, take the Field Medicine node, and Life Flask recharge mastery node. Once you take the claw mastery +10/+5mana on hit node, you will not need a mana flask. Both of these masteries can be swapped out later if you want.

Note that the "xx less projectile damage" from Volley, Greater Volley, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, and Greater Multiple Projectiles do not reduce poison damage. So getting multiple projectiles from these supports is very powerful, especially since the Poisonous concoction projectile AOE can overlap and hit the same enemy.

Gearing Priority:
- Make sure you don't hold a weapon. Use a shield.
- Constantly upgrade your flasks (Life, mana, quicksilver, sulphur flasks. Jade is ok too)
- Life and resists
- Movement speed on boots
- Strength and Intelligence

Gearing Secondary Checklist:
- Evasion
- Attack speed
- Flask mods on your belt (gained, duration, effect, reduced charges)
- spell suppression chance

Endgame Notes:

Priority checklist to achieve and double check. Every single one is extremely important:
- 75% ele resist
- 100% chance to poison on hit (tree + gems)
- Freeze immunity (tree + bench craft + jewel + shield)
- Get good flasks (Saturated divine life flask, Alchemist's Sulphur, Alchemists Quicksilver)
- At least 95% chance to hit

Secondary Checklist:
- 50% increased flask effect (tree + belt + conqueror's potency jewel)
- Get a +2 mana on hit jewel, and swap the Claw mastery node to "cant crit"
- Buy a Level 21 Poisonous Concoction
- Stun immunity (tree + flask)
- Ele ailment immunity (30% Ele Ailment Avoid Shield)
- 50%/50% block cap (tree + rumi's + shield + anoint + jewel)
- 100% chance to hit
- Spell suppression chance on gear
- Buy a 6link chest (corrupted green ones are usually cheap)
- Get nearly-perfect flasks, use instilling orbs

Later, if you can afford it, consider buying these:
- Dying sun flask
- Chaos large and medium cluster jewels (Can consider block/shield/flask/life ones too)
- Frenzy on hit chest
- +1 frenzy corruption on gloves
- Circle of nostalgia rings
- Despair impresence amulet

Trade Links:

Increased Life Recovery Divine Life Flask

30% Ele Ailment Avoid Shield

Unique items:

Mana on Hit Jewels:


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Sounds great i heard, i didnt look really....nope
I'll not keep a look at this thread
I've been looking for a good don't-build guide!
Is this viable for trade league starter? And will you update the build after the league starts?
Thanks for this, i want to league start PF and try PC. Cant check the POB currently, but if there are leveling trees, thats all i wanted :D
Milkshakez wrote:
Is this viable for trade league starter? And will you update the build after the league starts?

Yea viable. Idk how often i'll update it. I think many others will play the same build
I thoroughly appreciate how realistic the pob is. only to level 91 and junk items you'd have on start.
I will not look at this build. Thank you very much.
I'm not checking the progression trees, urgh

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