Content Update 3.16.0 -- Path of Exile: Scourge

Oh Boy here we go! RIP FR Totems, you were fun to play and weren't immortal, with slow clear speed, and with tons of investment to make it good enough to handle endgame, but now, you must be put in the long list of skills collecting dust in the graveyard. You will be missed!

Now the only option left is to find a way to make self-casting work more even with the self-cast damage buff it received. Probably better to just play something else which is fine, but damn, so much hate on totems it seems even though the build was highly susceptible to getting shotgunned/1-shot often in harder/juiced-up content.
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3.16 is gonna be lit fam.

so hyped :)
NOICE. Looking forward to playing the league
Nice, thank you for your hard work.
What do we have here? :D

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