Eternal Labyrinth Improvements in Path of Exile: Scourge

Quality change!
weird flex, but ok
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MY GOD :D this is hellaaa good news!!
Thank you, this makes much more sense although I would have restricted access to level 75-80 range.
I don't like this... A change for the casuals and lazy players...
I dislike the minimum level requirement, on alts I usually crushed uber lab around lvl 60-62 or so.

also dislike pushing trials to yellow maps, I frequently had them all done and ulab done before getting yo yellow maps in leagues.

overall its a decent change still.
Such an incredible change!
Previously you were able to access the Eternal Labyrinth at level 60, but this has been raised to level 68

I like everything but this part. Why raise the level to enter the lab? Why not just warn users the recommended level is 68? I like to challenge myself in the lab by running it as soon as possible.
Thank god - I hate the Labyrinth at any level so the less of it the better IMO. It's not that it's too hard or anything - just such a complete change from normal POE play. I feel like I'm forced to stop playing POE and play some platformer or something to gain ascendency points.
Finally some good changes widepeepohappy

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