Alongside introducing other forms of uber endgame content, Path of Exile: Scourge also changes the way players access the Eternal Labyrinth.


Finding all six Trials of Ascendancy often took a very large number of maps. Assuming players were playing alone, it averaged to around 150 maps to find them all, but could be much more if players were unlucky. By this point, players were often over-levelled for the content and were starting to encounter difficult-enough endgame content where the extra Ascendancy skills were sorely needed. This problem would be further exacerbated by the reduction in Atlas size taking place in the Scourge expansion.

We recently added a means to open random Trials of Ascendancy in the Map Device by consuming an Offering to the Goddess. While this made finding all the trials easier, it often felt lossy as it required you to sacrifice something of value. You could have used that to run an Eternal Labyrinth for more enchantment opportunities and Labyrinth reward chests.


In Path of Exile: Scourge, you'll no longer need to complete all of the Trials of Ascendancy found in maps in order to access the Eternal Labyrinth. You'll simply need to travel to the Labyrinth, paying one Offering to the Goddess.


  • It is not mandatory to complete any Trials of Ascendancy in maps prior to entering the Eternal Labyrinth.
  • You will still need to bring one single Offering to the Goddess, and this can be obtained from any Trial of Ascendancy in maps, from trade, or from rewards elsewhere in the game.
  • You must complete all prior Labyrinths before you can enter the Eternal Labyrinth.
  • Trials of Ascendancy will only spawn in yellow maps and higher. It was very rare for players to find and complete all six Trials during white maps.
  • There's no longer any reason to run a random Trial of Ascendancy in the map device, so the Offering to the Goddess no longer does anything if you attempt to use it there.
  • Previously you were able to access the Eternal Labyrinth at level 60, but this has been raised to level 68.

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I'm happy with this change. I usually stop playing league early because there is way to much to do to progress <---casual.
IGN: Doge
yay sounds okay
Best change in a while!
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